Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Contests Alert! Hurry and enter

This is just a quick post to say that WORD for Teens is having a contest. It ends July 31 and is only vaild for U.S. residents.I'm not sure if you win one or all the books but I read Blue Bloods recently (and though not about any black people) it was really good!!! I can't wait to read the next books in the series. Also Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before looks entertaining. And The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez I'm eager to read because I've read other books by the author Alan Lawrence Sitomer (the Hoopster, Hip-Hop High School). I'm going to review both, but I'll tell you right now I loved, loved, loved Hoopster! follow the link below for more details about the contest.http://wordforteens.blogspot.com/2009/07/julys-contest-bookapalooza.html So none of the books feature black people, but some are about people of color so I encourage you to check it out!

Another contest! I've been surfing the net, desperately seeking blogs that talk about YA African American lit. And I've found some. Happy Nappy Bookseller, Color Online Blog, Brown Bookshelf. I'll link to them in the sidebar. Anyway here's the link to the contest on color online
The books all look amazing! I hope I win one so I can review it here :) Contest ends July 30th. Good luck everyone!!

Ahh so many contests! Here's another one, hosted by the author Celise Downs. I haven't read any of her books, but I'm eager to read Dance Jam Productions. As well as the Draven Atreides series when it comes out. Contest open to teens age 13-18. check it: http://celisedowns.com/fun/ enter!


  1. Thanks for coming by Color Online. Don't be a stranger. Enter our current multi-book giveaway and do check out our Color Online quiz and earn a chance to win free books. Adding your site to our blogroll.

    Check out Paul Chase books for books about middle and upper class black teens. Would love to talk more. Drop me an e-mail at cora_litgroup@yahoo.com

  2. I entered the contest and posted the link. Thanks for adding me :D
    I have read and ejoyed Paula Chase's books. Reviews should be up sometime soon, since they are books I've recently read.


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