Saturday, January 22, 2011

Off the Shelf! Challenge

When I first started this blog I never thought I would take part in a challenge like this. Why? because there didn't seem to be that many YA/MG books about poc. And if you compare them to the number of books published with all white casts, there aren't that many but I still have a massive (real) TBR pile and I need to start cleaning it up.

To sign up go here Starts: Jan 1, 2011 Ends: Dec 31, 2011

I signed up for the second level, Trying, so I need to read 15 books. You don't have to include a list, but I love making them and they help me to stay organized.

1. Sister Chicas by Lisa Alavarado, Ann Hagman Cardinal and Jane Alberdeston Coralin

2. Denim Diaries: 16 Going on 21 by Darrien Lee

3. The Surrender Tree by Margarita Engle

4. Payback by Rosemary Hayes

5. La Linea by Ann Jaramillo

6. Weetamo: Heart of the Pocassetts (Royal Diaries) by Patricia Clark Smith

7. Saba: Under the Hyena's Foot (Girls of Many Lands) by Jane Kurtz

8. Satch & Me by Dan Gutman

9. Diamond by Victoria Christopher Murray

10. Work What You Got by Stephanie Perry Moore

11. The Clone Codes by Patricia C. McKissack, Frederick McKissack

12. Valley of the Moon: The Diary of Maria Rosalia de Milagros by Sherry Garland

13. When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune by Elaine Williams

14. Names Will Never Hurt Me by Jamie Adoff

15. Bang, Bang You're Dead by Narinder Dhami


  1. I'm curious to find out what you think of The Clone Codes!

  2. @ivanova-I've seen some not-so-good reviews of the Clone Codes which is why I keep putting it off. But I need to finally read it :)

  3. Quick question: What does the MG stand for in YA/MG?? I tried to google it but, got nowhere. =[

  4. @SoonerScotty-I emailed you but I'll post it here just in case anyone else had a similar question. MG stands for middle grade (or junior high, middle school) :)


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