Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: Daughter of Xanadu + Must-Read Links

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This week I'm waiting on...

Daughter of Xanadu by Dori Jones Yang

Release Date: January 11, 2011

Athletic and strong willed, Princess Emmajin's determined to do what no woman has done before: become a warrior in the army of her grandfather, the Great Khan Khubilai. In the Mongol world the only way to achieve respect is to show bravery and win glory on the battlefield. The last thing she wants is the distraction of the foreigner Marco Polo, who challenges her beliefs in the gardens of Xanadu. Marco has no skills in the "manly arts" of the Mongols: horse racing, archery, and wrestling. Still, he charms the Khan with his wit and story-telling. Emmajin sees a different Marco as they travel across 13th-century China, hunting 'dragons' and fighting elephant-back warriors. Now she faces a different battle as she struggles with her attraction towards Marco and her incredible goal of winning fame as a soldier.

-Does anyone know if this is a YA/MG debut? I think the author has previously written a MG book but I'm not sure. I'm looking forward to reading about Khan Kubilai because he's someone that's always fascinated me. I'm even more eager though to read about a female warrior, lots of fun to read about and so inspiring! Also, I don't know much about Marco Polo's personal life so this should be interesting.

Must-Read Links

A list of all 2011 YA/MG books about poc. Please help me add on to this list!

More whitewashing? this is a post about the whitewashing of Across the Universe by Beth Revis. I'm going to talk about this more in-depth later on. I'll be following the discussion in the comments over there for sure and if you write a post about, let me know so I can read it too.


  1. Daughter of Xanadu was a lot of fun to read, although I didn't love the ending so much. Great writing though!

  2. I think you will really enjoy this one. Best of all, it's coming out soon!

  3. I enjoyed Daughter of Xanadu, I'm pretty sure the author has a previous MG novel.

  4. @Ashley-Ack, I need good endings! Ok but great writing, maybe I'll be able to handle it? :p

    @Steph-I know, it's one of my few WoW picks that will soon be released! And I saw that it made a few of your book lists :)

    @Rebecca-Ah ok thanks. I wasn't sure if it was MG or an early reader/chapter book. I'll still be reading this book though :) I'm pretty sure you were the first person to put this book on my radar, so thank you!

  5. Well, this doesn't necessarily mean anything, but Amazon has it listed as reading level: young adult and one of the libraries in my state's system lists it as on order under the adult section, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Either way I will definitely be checking this book out; thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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