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First blog post! My Life As A Rhombus And Why I Started This Blog

Happy birthday America! :) And today is the birth of my blog!! Double hooray!!

So as referred to in the title of this post, this is the first blog post of young, black, a reader. Ok so the title isn't too original (thank you Lorraine Hansberry!). Anyway first I'm going to explain the idea behind the blog and how it's gonna work, then on to my first review!

I created this blog, because I felt there was a huge void of blogs written by African Americans about books, specifically for teens (if you know of any leave their titles in the comment section). In this blog, I intend on reviewing books about African American teens; current ones (2008-2009),older ones (2000s) and the classics (some may not really be written for teens but I'm going to read them anyway). Here's how the reviewing will work: I will copy and paste a description of the book (probably from, along with my review. I will do rating out of five stars. In the future I may add more to my rating system but for now I'm keepin it simple. Authors if you want me to read/review your books email me at Also I'm technologically challenged, so it may take me a while to really make this a snazzy (yup I typed it), cool blog. Currently I'm trying to figure out how to show the book covers on my blog. Now on to the review....

My Life As a Rhombus by Varian Johnson

Rating: 5/5

Boys + Love = Trouble Right?
Staying on track at school means a boy-free equation for Rhonda Lee, who spends most evenings doing homework and eating Chinese takeout with her dad. While Rhonda needs a scholarship for college, some kids at her private high school, like beautiful Sarah Gamble, seem to coast along on popularity and their parents' money.
When forced to tutor Sarah in trigonometry, Rhonda recognizes all too well the symptoms-queasiness, puking, exhaustion-that Sarah is trying to mask. On a sudden impulse, Rhonda shares her past with Sarah. Exchanging their secrets adds up to more truths than either girl would have dreamed.

I loved this book! At first, I thought I wouldn't like it that much, mainly because the main character, Rhonda, is a math whiz and I felt I wouldn't be able to relate to her because I despise math. No big deal. Rhonda is a relatable character, although I've never had to go through what she has gone through. This may be seen as a spoiler but it's not really; in the book Rhonda has to come to terms with the fact that she got an abortion. She still feels guilty about it. I'd never read a book about a girl who had undergone abortion told in the first-person and I felt that it really brought a new perspective to the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. It made me think more about it. I personally think that everyone is pro-life, because no one wants anyone to have to get an abortion (i.e. no one is 'pro-abortion. ew I despise that term). That's just my opinion. Regardless, the most important thing I learned from this book is that; often the people who are all into this pro choice vs. pro life debate , don't even have to end up making this decision so it's all good and well for them to express their views. I don't know what I would do if I was pregnant while in high school, I don't think anyone can really say unless they have been in the situation. My favorite character was probably David because he was so in love with Rhonda and just really sweet and protective. My least favorite character was either Gail (Rhonda's best friend) or Christopher (Rhonda's ex). But Varian Johnson makes even the most annoying characters likable, or at least relatable. You find out some secrets about Christopher and even though Gail is very self-righteous and preachy, she will do anything for her friends. If you're a math whiz or math lover, you will enjoy the formulas and equations sprinkled through out the book. They were entertaining, even though I didn't understand all of them. I really liked the quote in the last chapter: "Life is too short for long division." I would also add, life is too short for trigonometry, and calculus. Read this book!

Forgiveness+friendship+love=My Life as a Rhombus

Please leave comments. Was this review helpful, not helpful, too short, too long, random? I wanna know!

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PPSS or whatever it is. Check out the Taste Lifte Twice review: This is an awesome blog! Kiki and Tashi seem really cool.


  1. I see Doret has been. She rocks. Definitely get by The Happy Nappy Bookseller often.

    Like Doret, I am ecstatic to find your blog. Thank you so much for coming by Color Online. Know that you have found a true supporter and mentor (if you're looking for one).

    Looking forward to injecting color into the blogosphere with you.


  2. I loved this book! It's hanin' out on my shelf, occasionally recieving my love and adoration. lol
    *gasp* Smooth Criminal is not in your poll! Blasphemy! lol jk but that's my favorite

  3. You're so right! I <3 Smooth crimnal!! Sadly, it's too late to edit the poll :( I really liked your review of this book too. :)

  4. Another book about a teen who has had an abortion is Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn.

  5. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were engaging and fun, and it avoided being preachy at all. My only problem with this book, really, was the way it demonized high school sex. Like, at the end of the novel, Rhonda still thinks that it's impossible to have sex without getting pregnant. None. And she's never going to have sex again, ever. At least, this seems to be her opinion.


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