Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Read in Color Holiday Book Exchange!

As usual, the holidays seem to be fast approaching (hooray for school holiday breaks!) and I didn't quite notice until I saw all the holiday book swaps popping up (I've signed up for two so far and I need to stop, haha). Anyway, it's time to announce the

READ IN COLOR Holiday Book Exchange!

I wish I had a button :( I can't offer any money if you make me a button, but I would be so appreciative (and I may throw in a book....)

The Who: International entries welcomed :)

The What: A swap open to anyone, no need to be a book blogger. The idea is to try and send the books out before Christmas, that way even if you don't celebrate Christmas, your books will arrive close to a winter holiday date. I encourage everyone to get creative. Along with a book (I recommend sending two books if you can, but I 100% understand if you can't), perhaps send along a holiday card or some bookmarks. Have fun with it =) You can choose to remain anonymous until the person who received the book creates a post (and you must create a post once you receive your book, or at least mention it in some kind of New Crayons/In my Mailbox, etc.) and then comment with your name or you can include your name.

The When: Sign up by November 20th. Mail the book(s) out by December 11th.

The Why: It's important to keep the holidays colorful, I want to see more books by authors of color being bought as gifts.

The How: Fill out THIS FORM

Keep a close eye on the blog because I will start posting suggestion lists along with my favorite books 0f 2010 (although my favorites list won't publish until January 1st).


  1. Hmmm...what kind of button would you like m'dear? If it is something like my own I can manage, no problem!
    My button

  2. I've scheduled this to go up on 15th about this swap. So many swaps this year, I've signed up to quite a few, but really looking forward to swapping for this one :)

  3. @anachronist-I will email you!


    @Jodie-fantastic, thanks for letting me know :)

    And thank you to everyone who has signed up so far!

  4. Check your spam box, it was from dogandbone and might be qualified as spam.

  5. I sent you a second e-mail from other address, I hope you will get that one.

  6. If you don't I also posted my e-mail address on my blog. Just in case.

  7. Just to prove that yes I want to and yes I can : a button

  8. What a wonderful exchange! I have so many books to ask for. :) I signed up, and added a link to this exchange on my sidebar of holiday swaps. I also tweeted it out. I hope you get tons of participation!!!!


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