Saturday, August 7, 2010

Colorful Interview with Artist Arthur

Today I have an interview with Artist Arthur. Ms. Arthur is the author of Manifest, which is the first book in the Mystyx series. This interview is quite unique because it's a community interview. A community interview means that each blogger participating in the tour, sent in one question and Artist answered. Then we chose which questions we wanted to feature in our custom interviews. It's a cool idea and prevents the same question from being asked over and over again.

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My question: Why did you decide to not only make Krystal African American, but also one fourth Native American?

Artist: I wanted all the characters to be unique in their backgrounds and upbringing. My family has some Native American (Cherokee) so it was a natural mixture for me.
The Brain Lair (KB): Is Artist your real name? Also, how did you guys find the model for the cover?

Artist: Yes, Artist is my real, legal name. J

I have nothing to do with the design of the cover beyond giving a character and sometimes a scene description. The publisher takes care of all of that. I just happen to agree wholeheartedly with their choice

Why did you decide to write a YA novel, and why in the fantasy genre? Jo

Artist Arthur: I was encouraged by a lot of people in my life to write something interesting for our youth. I’m a believer in signs so I figured with so many people saying the same thing, I owed it to myself to give it a try. I love paranormal and so far my romance has been contemporary so this was my opportunity to do something totally different.

Was it difficult to go from Romance to YA? The Library Lurker

Artist: No, actually it wasn’t. I like to read different genres so I generally like to write the same types of stories as I read. It just takes concentration on the current project at hand.

Faye: The paranormal genre is big in teen/YA literature right now. Most bestsellers feature vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels, or the like as a main character. In your opinion, why are teens currently fascinated with all things paranormal?

Artist: I think, like everyone else, they want a break for what’s currently going on. They want to be taken away to another time, or another place, or the same place with a different cast.

Bookworm: Why were you drawn to the paranormal genre of YA?

Artist: I’ve always been a fan of the paranormal genre adult and YA. I like that there are no boundaries to the world that can be created

iluvhersheysandbooks: Of all the paranormal creatures currently "sweeping the YA nation" why choose ghost over vampires, werewolves and faeries, oh my?

Artist: Because everybody seems to be choosing vampires, werewolves and faeries and I wanted to tell a different story, give readers another entity to consider when they think of the paranormal.

Star Shadow
: How did you come up with the amazing idea for the base for this book and the Mystyx group/powers?

Artist: I love watching the weather channel. I kept thinking that something has to be left behind after all these storms and natural disasters. My daughter came up with the names of the Mystyx characters and I gave them powers. I wanted different powers, ones that would fit each character specifically

LuAnn: What sort of research did you need to do for your novel?

Artist: I had to find books on the weather that would back up what I’d seen on the weather channel. Books on Greek mythology that I already had because I love the subject in general. Then, I just wanted to spend time with teenagers to get a real feel for their lives, loves, issues, dreams.

: Since Manifest is infused with paranormal mystery, do you have a personal paranormal experience that you can share with us?

Artist: Sometimes I’ll be in a room by myself and think I see shadow or feel like someone or something has moved past me. It’s weird and doesn’t happen all the time, but each time it does, I wonder…

Thank you for this interview Artist!


  1. A comminity interview is a great idea! I'm all for avoiding repetition.

  2. Great interview, and the community interview is such a good idea! Thanks!

  3. This was a really great idea. Everyone had great questions! How awesome that Artist is her real name lol. It's almost like she was destined to be an author! This book seems very different than the paranormal that we keep seeing in YA.

  4. I get those feelings also, like seeing something out of the corner of the eye, or feeling like you heard a sound, but it was inside your I sound schizoid!

    The book looks like it's going to be good, cover model is nice and dark - full of win! When I saw the cover, though I was reminded of the new Magic Under Glass cover - it just brought it back to mind, I think it's the model.

  5. Great interview! I immediately requested it for my library.


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