Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Crayons, Giveaways and Chicago Printers Row Fest!

New Crayons is a meme where I share what new books I got this week. It's hosted by susan at Color Online.

In my next New Crayons post I intend on sharing what's on my summer reading list (not the whole list since that would be way too long!) I have finals this week so I won't be commenting on other posts as often as I would like. I'm going to try and write up at least two reviews today and schedule them to publish during the week.
From Book Fairy #3
Growing Yams in London by Sophia Acheampong
Makeeda is a fourteen-year-old Ghanian whose love of all things western causes her family to despair. She is always being compared to the dutiful and obedient Afua, her Aunt Grace's daughter. But it seems that whatever Makeeda does, it ends up in trouble. She just wants to hang out with the fit Nelson and her mates, and forget about the Ghanaian stuff. But when she has to do a school project, she begins to understand the depth of her cultural heritage and wonders if she can honour her culture and enjoy life as a London teenager.
-summary from I'm really excited to read this book because it's YA about a POC in London! It sounds cute and I don't know anything about Ghana so it'll be nice to learn about Ghanaian culture. Thank you so much Kaz!
Ipods in Accra by Sophia Acheampong

Makeeda's plans for the summer holidays are falling apart!
Her parents suddenly announce that the family is going on a trip to visit their relatives in Ghana – and then she splits up with her boyfriend Nelson. Can things get any worse?
But in Ghana things are different, and Makeeda, the sophisticated London girl, makes some surprising discoveries about herself, her family and her friends. And, while she's struggling to reconcile her two cultures, could it be that she's found true love where she least expected it?
-Summary from Piccadillypress I didn't read the summary of this book because I don't want any spoilers since it's the sequel. Thank you Kaz!
What POC books did you get this week?
In Other News
Want to win a copy of Gringolandia by Lyn Miller Lachmann? I really liked the book and Lyn is a total sweetheart. Enter here for your chance to win and spread the word! Check out my sidebar for other giveaways going on that feature YA/MG POC books.
Also June 12-13 is Chicago's Printers Row Festival. It's THE literary event in Chicago, but it's mostly for adults. I usually don't go but this time I have a reason....Walter Dean Myers and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are going to be there! *Passes out* I'm so excited because all authors stay for at least an hour after their presentations to sign books. So expect to see a lot more reviews of books by Walter Dean Myers (he's written at least 70 books!). I want to have read as many books by Myers and Adichie as possible before the event (sadly since I have finals I won't have read that many) I plan on buying Monster (I'm pretty sure that's the book he is most well known for) to get signed and I also own Fallen Angels and Harlem Summer. I want to buy Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I'll get her other books (The Thing Around Your Neck, Half a Yellow Sun) from the library. I highly encourage authors of color to go, it's a well attended event and a great way to get some publicity. Authors to learn how to set up an exhibit of your books go here (let me know if you are going or plan on sending in an application, I would love to see you there!) Are any of you guys going to Printers Row Fest?
Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to all all our veterans for your immense sacrifies. I love America for being the land of the free because of the brave :D


  1. I got two POC books this week: Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson and The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. Growing Yams in London sounds really good. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

  2. Good luck with your exams!!--and thanks for promoting the Gringolandia giveaway. Besides review copies for MultiCultural Review, the only PoC book I got this week was an adult novel, Allen Ballard's Carried by Six. He published the book himself, and it recently won an Honorable Mention from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association in their annual Literary Awards.

  3. I love Chicago and wish I could be there--take lots of photos! Chimamanda is lovely, and Purple Hibiscus is one of my favorite books--looking forward to your review!

  4. I just finished Gringolandia so I don't need to win it, but wanted to say I thought it was just terrific. I read your review and comments and also really liked what the author said about Courtney's flaws - in fact I'm about to publish a post on flawed characters, because it's so interesting to me that the authors can stand not fixing them! :--) But I guess it's like Daniel says to Courtney about Marcelo: the only thing you can do is love people like they are, without expecting them to change. Harder than it sounds though!

    Have fun at the Printers Row festival - I've always wanted to go!

  5. I didn't know ou lived in Chicago. I live in Chicago. :)

    Also, the book Compound has PoC in it. They don't talk about it too much and it's not central to the story, but it's there.

  6. Good luck with your finals, Ari!! I'll be thinking of you. :)

    I got the 3rd book in Justine's Magic or Madness trilogy, so now I can read all three back-to-back. Yay!


  7. You have an award! Come get.

  8. Sophia Acheampong's books look very interesting. I don't think there is much POC in British lit and even less in British YA. Do you know if these will be published in the US?
    I looked at Printers Row, it would be so much fun to ride the train up and spend a day there, but I'm not seeing much YA at all, dang it!

  9. I have an award for you at

  10. You've just reminded me that I have Growing Yams In London on my shelf somewhere... I need to get to that one, it sounds really sweet and fun.

  11. @Christina-My sister just bought Red Pyramids and she just finished it so it's sitting on my bookshelf, patiently waiting to be read. I'll probably get to it soon because it's about Egypt, how cool! Toads & Diamonds is such a delightful book.

    @Lyn-No problem. I'm pleased to see that more self-published books are doing well, either winning awards and/or getting contracts with publishing houses.

    @Zetta-Use it as an excuse to come and visit! That would be so great :) I need to hurry up and buy Purple Hibiscus, as soon as exams are over (I'm resisting temptation by avoiding bookstores)

    @rhapsody-Like I told, Zetta use Printers Row as an excuse to visit if you can! It'll be fun :D gringolandia is a book that it feels wrong to say that you liekd because the topic is so sad, but it's a powerful story and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel.

    @Ronni-Yay Chicagoans! I've never heard of Compound. Would you recommend it? I'll look it up....

    @Kaz-Thank you and congrats on finishing Blog Everyday May! Ooo I'm jealous, one of my goals is to read all of Justine's books this summer.

    @Donna-Thanks Sunshine! ;)

    @campbele-The only reason I heard of these is becuase of Kaz, she rocks. She lives in the UK and emails me all these links to books that feature POC in British YA. I'll have to do a post spotlighting some of these titles soon. I don't know if they will be published in the U.S., if you can perhaps buy them and show that U.S. audiences want these! I'm really bummed at the lack of YA events :(

    @Helen-Oh thank you! Ooo I've never gotten the sunshine award before =)

    @Lauren-It does sound really sweet. A perfect summer read.

  12. I am reading The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse. Its a fiction debut.

    I remember reading Tanita Davis review of Growing Yams in London @ Finding Wonderland its been at least a year, but she loved it. Don't hear much about YA in London with poc so it was easy to remember.

    In case anyone is wondering the siblings in The Red Pyramid are biracial Black and White.

    I loved Half a Yellow Sun and Monster. Enjoy the fesitval

  13. I met WDM before, and he is just as awesome as you expect him to be. I'm so excited for you. Yay!

  14. @Doret-I'm not familar with The Madonnas but I love the title :) You have given me an idea!! My sister is the one who told me the brother was Black but she didn't mention that the sister was too. I'm excited for the festival.

    @Akilah-Everyone says he is nice and all-around a great guy so I really hope I get to meet him! Thank you so much for sharing my excitement:D

  15. Awe! I'm a Ghanaian Girl born in Canada. But I can relate to the books above from Ms. Sophia. Thanks for blogging about them. I'll be sure to check them out! :D


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