Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday: Caleb + Kate and Help Others!

This week I'm waiting on
Caleb + Kate by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma

Release Date: May 4, 2010

Private school, rich friends, vacations in France--Kate has it all, except a belief in love.

When Kate's family purchases a hotel in the Pacific Northwest, she enters a world that is wholly unknown to her. She never has any privacy because of the constant flow of guests. And as the hotel owner's daughter, she struggles to make friends.

Then she meets Caleb, a strange combination of working-class, Hawaiian culture, and Christian bad boy. He talks about love in an all new way that she finds so alluring. But the two have nothing in common. He rarely smiles, rides a motorcycle with a rough crowd from town, and worst of all, he totally ignores Kate. But Kate has something that he needs and she resolves to prove to him that what she has doesn't define who she is.

-Most likely going to be an off-color review, but it sounds really good. I want to know what Kate has that Caleb needs! And a book about Hawaii and love sounds lovely :)

Check out these links

Rainbow List 2009- A compilation of books found by the Rainbow Project ( a group that promotes GLBTQ literature) to be exceptional.

YA Books That Make Room for Queerness-Looks like a great list (I've only read one on the list, Liar) and of course Ash belongs on the list!

STAND- We are reading a book called Not on Our Watch in school and it's about the genocide in Darfur. It makes me angry and I want to help raise awareness and funds for Darfur. This is a link for all students to get involved (you can bet I will be getting involved and I'll be blogging about this issue in greater detail!)

ENOUGH-For everyone who wants to do more to end crimes against humanity.

Let's Say Thanks-Check out my first widget on how to send free thank you cards to soldiers. They deserve so many thanks and words can not describe how grateful I am for the sacrifices they make in order for all Americans to be free. Especially during the holidays, a thank you card is the least we civilians can do.

Reading in Color News

Finally, if anyone knows of anyone who does really good blog designs for FREE (that's been pretty hard for me to find right now, which is understandable since designing a blog takes a lot of time so naturally, people want to be compensated for their time), could they please email me or leave me a comment telling me about that blogger! My blog needs an upgrade and I may or may not have time to do it myself over the holiday break. So it would be nice to have some help, thank you!


  1. Hehe Caleb sounds like a boy I would love..
    Sorry I don't know anyone that does it for free.. but I think that there are some blogs that have some free desings..

  2. @Sheere-Yeah I've found some websites that have free templates so I'm hoping I'll find a good one! Caleb sounds like my kind of guy too ;)


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