Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday: Choices

WoW is brought to you by Jill at Breaking the Spine I changed the idea bit, I feature books that have yet to be released or books that are already out that I just really want (but can't buy or they are not at my library).
So I'm Waiting to read....
Choices by Katrina L. B Burchett 2007

Five teenage girls make decisions about boyfriends and premarital sex.... Shauntice Johnston lives in a world of domestic abuse. Her dad beats her mom, so she doesn't trust guys. Angel Nichols feels neglected by her workaholic mother and she has no idea who her father is; she started having sex for the attention. LaKeeta Wilson is pregnant and she got that way on purpose. Bridgette Anderson feels very strongly about abstinence and nobody is going to change her mind. Hope Patterson lives a sheltered life because of her mother's strict rules. The word sex isn't in her vocabulary until she suffers a loss.
The topic of sex is really important for teens and it's something we are bombarded with almost daily. I'm especially curious to read Choices to find out why someone would intentionally get pregnant. Also Ms. Burchett is a new YA author of color and I want to support her!
for more info about the author and Choices and Kapri Books (the publisher) go here


  1. Dear MissAttitude,

    I want to thank you so much for featuring my aunt's book on your blog! I have read that book so many times. Heck, I know it inside and out. And, for me to become that acquainted with a book means that I have to love it a whole lot! Lol.

    In my opinion, "Choices," is a captivating novel that was phenomenally written by my aunt, Mrs. Katrina L. Burchett. It depicts the real-life struggles that teens go through concerning sex -- such as using sex as a way to keep a boyfriend around, the internal battle of wanting to honor God by staying abstinent and wanting to honor your body and engage in sexual intercourse (shown from both the prespectives of a male and a female character), and having your virginity taken away from you against your will, just to name a few -- which are often censored, sugarcoated, or just plain out not talked about at all in this over-sexualized media, which illustrates the lust, passion, and pleasure that the act of sex itself can bring.

    Aside from the topic of teen sex, "Choices," also delves into some other topics that are affecting teens across America everyday, such as domestic violence, underage drinking, and peer pressure, just to name a few, which make this a relatable book for teens on many different levels.

    I give many kudos to my aunt on her book, not because we are of blood relation, but because she stayed true to the topics displayed in this novel by illustrating scenarios that are relatable to teenagers all across America. I feel as though any teenager who reads this book can relate to at least one of its many topics, and will be able to find something within this text that they can relate to in one way or another, whether they are sexually active or not. Personally, I can relate to the topic of being a teenage male living in a world full of superficial dating and lustful loving, but who is choosing to save himself for marriage.

    As you have said above, the topic of teen sex IS very important, and my aunt has done a really good job at illustrating that in her craft. So, I wanted to thank you for featuring her book on your blog and for giving her some positive publicity! I hope you enjoy the book! (0=

  2. I'm eager to read Choices, especially after reading your opinion as a guy. You sound like a great nephew :) Stay strong on saving yourself!

  3. I'd love to order this for my school but it is only direct order from publisher, boo hoo. We order from Follett's Tidalwave. Any way anytime soon it will be picked up by other booksellers?

  4. bj stay tuned, I'm giving away a copy really soon!

  5. Wow. You're featuring some great YA books on your blog that depicts diversity. Hmm...Aquisition Librarians need to get with the program and order more books by authors of color.

    My daughter just finished reading "The Kids at Latimar High" by Deborah Copeland. She loved it--another good book that's flying under the radar.

    Might want to check it out.

    Keep the posts coming--great stuff!


  6. Thank you Amelia for letting me know about the Kids at Latimar High. I've heard of them, but there are no libraries or bookstores near me that have them, I may buy the first one off Amazon.
    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement :D

  7. Just finished Choices and I loved it and know it will be a big hit in my senior high school. Taking it into school this week and putting this awesome book in one of my favorite teen reader's hands. I can't wait to see what see says!


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