Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teaser Tuesday & Blogging Help

Thanks to Should Be Reading for thinking of and sharing this idea.
Teaser Tuesday is when you pick a book you are currently reading to a random page and share 2 teaser sentences from that page.

Teaser: "Maybe Unlce Sam doesn't care about Thomas. Maybe a colored soldier doesn't have a chance in the world. But I do, mama. So what if they think I'm white? Let them see what they want to see, I'm still me." pg.55
-Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith
This isn't really a spoiler since part of this teaser is explained in the summary of the book. It's really good so far!

Also I need some blogging help. my sidebar is MIA. Well I know where it is, but it isn't at the side where I need it to be. I went to the Blogger help forum, but the answer they gave confused me a bit. Anyone know how I can change my floating sidebar, to put it right next to my posts? I'm one teenager who is technologically challenged. ;)

Another thing, the It Chicks review may be posted later today or pushed back till next week. I had a rough day today, so I'm not really up for writing a review.

One more thing. My Whale Talk review is my favorite review thus far. Please read and comment/email me your thoughts. Is my writing style too choppy? I was told that I write like I'm in a conversation, which I know I do. But I kinda like it that way, I see my reviews almost as a conversation. However, I also understand that writing that way can be confusing and I don't want my readers to be confused. What's your opinion on that? To write write or converse write? :P


  1. I like your writing style. I see your side bar now. Does it disappear only with your Whale Talk review?

  2. I see it now too! Oh jeez. Blogger. *shakes head* Oh well.

  3. I think your writing style is fine - don't worry about changing that. My only suggestion would be to add a space between paragraphs (blank line). This would make it easier to read. (I'm reading you in Firefox and it all seems to run as one paragraph.)

  4. I agree! I like for posts to show personality, and your posts do just that! I want to be engaged and feel as though I am listening to a conversation. I like that your posts feel genuine .

    My only suggestion was the same that Colleen recommended. Just watch the spacing. Blogger sometimes makes things run together, even when you've added a space. Your other posts are spaced, so I think that the Whale Talk post was just a Blogger issue.

  5. Thanks everyone for the advice! I felt the same way, that my blog should be like a conversation about books.
    Paragraph breaks, got it!
    My sidebar has reappeared so I know longer need help. Oh Blogger how I love and loathe thee! :P


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