Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Crayons & Next Week Update

New Crayons is when I share what new books I got this week. Thanks to Susan at Color Online for this idea. So on Saturday I had an adventure in going to Barnes & Noble. I haven't been in a B&N in years. I honestly couldn't remember why, since when I first walked in, I thought it was a beautiful store. Cozy and elegant. Then, as I started searching for the books on Susan's Unofficial List of Great YA Fiction about or by women of color, I remembered why. They didn't have many. Halfway, through the list I gave up. I just wandered the YA section, looking for books with African American people on it. lol. I found two books that had been brought to my attention from Our Teen Voices blog. They were:

The Ultimate Test (The Lipgloss Chronicles) by Sheila M. Goss

The Diva’s Creed: All for one, one for all; never let the other fall.
Ever since they met in their elite private school, Britney, Jasmine, and Sierra have lived by these words, but now that they’re entering their freshman year in a public high school, their bond is about to be put to the ultimate test.
The daughters of wealthy Texas socialites, these girls are used to getting whatever they want, so it’s no surprise to them when the gorgeous DJ takes them under his wing. Drama soon comes their way in the form of Tanisha, a jealous older student who thinks DJ’s attention should be focused solely on her.
Even Tanisha’s threats can’t intimidate these girls as they form a united front against her. They’re tighter than ever—until a sticky situation complicates everything. Jasmine and Sierra both fall head over heels in love with DJ. Could this really mean the end of their friendship? from

This sounds very chick lit, but I'm going to give it a chance, because I've liked some chick lit in the past. Especially becasue I believe toc should have as many genres and options as white readers. So if someone wants to read chick lit about teens of color, they should have a wealth of options.

Denim Diaries: 16 Going on 21 by Darrien Lee
This story explores the lives of sixteen-year-olds Denim Mitchell and Andre Patterson, who have shared an intense bond ever since they were kids. Denim yearns to date Andre, known by his friends as Dre. However, Denim's parents are doing everything in their power to keep the heat of the passion between the two teens under wraps. Dre, a rising basketball star and budding artist, has a glorious future ahead of him. Unfortunaately, rumor has it that he's involved in activities that could ruin his chances of ever hooking up with Denim or achieving his dreams of going to college and the NBA. Denim realizes her relationship with Dre could be shattered if her parents find out that she violated their trust. One lie, one party, and one bullet chance the course of both of their lives forever.

I'm really usnure about this one. It's urban lit, which I'm not a big fan of and I'm annoyed that I had to type up the whole summary, since I couldn't find a description anywhere. Not a good sign. Don't judge, don't judge, I keep telling myself!

Tears of A Tiger by Sharon Draper
Tigers don't cry, or do they? After the death of his longtime friend and fellow Hazelwood Tiger, Andy, the driver of the car, blames himself and cannot get past his guilt and pain. While his other friends have managed to work through their grief and move on, Andy allows death to become the focus of his life. In the months that follow the accident, the lives of Andy and his friends are traced through a series of letters, articles, homework assignments, and dialogues, and it becomes clear that Tigers do indeed need to cry. from

I've read previous books of Sharon Draper's (Copper Sun & Fire From the Rock), both of which I liked, so I'm eager to read this one.

So I'm disappointed with the lack of AA teen choices that B&N offered, but now I know. I just need to stick to and Borders.

Upcoming This Week: a review everyday

Male Monday: I debut a new post of mine where I review books with a male toc main character. Hopefully this will debut Monday, (if I can get to the library for the book I want to review for tomorrow) when I review Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher or the Hoopster by Alan Sitomer. If i don't have the book or I'm too busy (my drivers test is tomorrow), the review will go up next Monday.

Teaser Tuesday/Review: Idk what the teaser will be from, probably Flygirl. Review of It Chicks by Tia Williams

Waiting on Wednesday/Review: Books I'm waiting for to come out or books that are already out and I'm just saving up for them. Review of When the Black Girl Sings by Bill Wright

Throwback Thrusday: When I review a book that's pre 2007. Trouble Follows by Monica McKayhan.

Friday:TBA. Either Belle by Beverly Jenkins (teenage Kimani Tru version) or The Fight by L.Divine

Saturday:Whichever book I didn't review Friday

Sunday: New Crayons post. DIVAS:Diamond by Victoria Christopher Murray

It's gonna be an exciting week! :)


  1. "Then, as I started searching for the books on Susan's Unofficial List of Great YA Fiction about or by women of color, I remembered why. They didn't have many. Halfway, through the list I gave up."

    See, this is the kind of experience that easily tail spins me into a rant.

    You can request the store to special order titles. I make a point of doing so and I also have been known to give stores lists of titles they should be carrying. Stores stock what moves the most but I have never had a problem with them ordering something I want.

    My daugher loved Forged by Fire. I can't remember if she read Tears of A Tiger. I confess I have read these but I remember how psyched she was which thrilled me. I was more than happy to get her the others.

    Go ahead with your bad self. You are far more organized than I am. Will be here all week. Looking forward to your new Monday feature. I sorely need help in this area.

  2. Wow-that's an ambitious plan, Miss Attitude! I'm reading Tyrell by Coe Booth right now and I gotta say, it's getting me down...I know educators say this book is really popular with their students--I'd love to know what you think, if you can squeeze it in one of these Mondays...

  3. Yup Tyrell is on my list to review. I didn't get to go to the library for Hoopster or whale Talk, so I'm going to review from memory and probably get it, and edit it again after I've re-read the book. Monday's book is going to be Whale Talk.
    Susan, I'm slow. i never thought of special ordering! That is a great way of showing the stores what books you want. I'm going to do that next time... although it'd be great if there never was a next time!

  4. I read and loved Whale Talk. Chris Crutcher rocks. I also read Staying Fat for Sarah Brynes by him.

    Zetta, I brought home Kendra by Coe Booth. A reader reviewed Tyrell and expressed some concerns. You can find the review at Color Online.

  5. I loved Tyrell. Miss A, you'll probably have better luck at the library for the unofficial list. A library card is a must when you have a blog. Even I have to go to the library to get books by authors of color and I work at a bookstore.

  6. Yeah, a library card is great, but my library doesn't have the greatest selection of books about poc. Although, I know they have Kendra and Tyrell.
    I loved Whale Talk, so be prepared for some serious gushing :)

  7. Libraries are like bookstores: they will buy requests. Some have great inter-loan programs, too. I'm lucky. My library has a decent budget and hasn't refused a purchase request yet. When they don't have a book I want, I will ask them to inter-loan it for me.

  8. I love inter -loan. When your branch doesn't have they just get it sent over from another one.

  9. Hi, Miss Attitude! It's great to "meet" you and discover your blog (via Chasing Ray and Color Online). I really love your idea for Throwback Thursday! :o)

  10. Thanks it's good to 'meet' you too :)
    Although, all the credit for Throwback Thrusday goes to Taste Life Twice blog.

  11. :)

    Thank you for sharing a lot of things in here-- looking forward for more of your update soon! Thanks again.


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