Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Historical Novels I Wish Someone Would Write

For the first time in my life I am not enjoying my history class (European History) so to cheer myself up and rekindle my love of history I have begun looking for historical fiction to read once college apps/finals are done. My search led me to start thinking about what books I wish would be written about certain time periods. Maybe they will inspire an aspiring author!

1. Harlem Renaissance era story about a dancer. Or aspiring author who visits all the literary hangouts. Luckily for me I recently discovered Persia Walker, I got one of her Harlem mystery books from the library this week. But I'm not a big mystery fan (I don't think haha) so I would like a more general historical fiction book set during this time.

2. Eighteenth Century Enlightenment Salonniere-Salons were hosted by women and they were brilliant. The salons were gathering places for the leading intellectuals of the day and the women steered the conversation. Thus they had to be knowledgeable about a variety of topics. Tres cool! I was astonished at the lack of fictional and non fictional books about these amazing women. Granted this could only be about a person of color if it was steampunk but that would persuade me to try that new genre!

3. Spain during the Golden Age (Siglo de Oro) 15th-17th centuries. I just want to read a book about life during these times, prefarbly for the nobility. Or a fictionalized story about the famous Diego Velaszquez painting, Las Meninas. For some reason that painting intruges me.

4. Life in Paris for Black people post WWI-pre WWII. Many soldiers stayed in France because of the equal treatment they received. Was life really better for them there? Did they all intermarry or stick to Black women from the American forces?

5. Japan's Golden Age (1568-1618 I believe). I would love to know more about life for women during this time as Japan started to reform and Westernize.

As you can see golden ages fascinate me. Mainly because I hope to one day be a "Renaissance woman", someone with basic knowledge about a variety of topics and this often leads back to golden ages of society. Next week will be my 5 Contemporary Novels I Want Someone to Write!

Do you agree with these? Or better yet do you know of any books that pertain to this topic? What are your five historical novels you want someone to write?


  1. OMG Spanish Golden Age hist fic, drools. I want this! My favourite history teacher in college was a huge Golden age enthusiast and of course Isabella was kick ass (except for her unfortunately in line with the times religious policies). There is a book called 'By Fire By Water' with a converso hero that I've found just now while browsing on the web and I've read the first couple of Captain Alatriste novels by Arturo Perez-Reverte. But wouldn't it be great to find some fiction following the explusion from all perspectives?

    It's not quite suited to your interest, but you might like 'Half Blood Blues' which follows black jazz musicians in Paris during WWII.

  2. @Jodie-I know I know I love almost all things golden age and we only briefly mentioned Philip II's Spanish Golden age so I want more! I remember when I first read a book about Isabella, I loved her until I learned about the Inquistion. meh

    Half Blood Blues sounds like the movie Paris Blues with Paul Newman (yummy ;) and Sidney Poitier. Have you seen it? Regardless I want post-WWII books too set in Paris, I just figured I wouldn't bombard people with too many ideas haha. *adds to list*

  3. MissA, I'm thinking YOU should write one of these books. :) I'd read it! :) ~Madeleine from

  4. Such great ideas! *surreptitiously grabs for pen and paper*

  5. Hey, maybe I should work on #4. We ARE in Paris, and I do think it's a compelling period. There is some good short fiction along those lines--let me get back to you with titles. One of my fellow comparative lit nerds just wrote a dissertation with a chapter on the portrayal of life in Paris for black expats.

    But right now I'm writing about school explosions, interracial romance, and segregation in 1930s East Texas. Maybe Paris to follow?


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