Sunday, January 23, 2011

AA Read-In Book Choice, Cool Links & New Crayons

The winning book is...

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves! My review. 61 people voted. That means 61 people are not allowed to say they don't any YA fantasy books with people of color main characters (does BV count as paranormal too?) because Bleeding Violet fits the bill. It also means that at least 61 people are committed to trying some diverse books and that makes me very, very happy =D

We are still trying to figure out how we are going to host the chat but the when will most likely be February 20th since that's President Day weekend. Does that work for everyone? More details to come

New Crayons-hosted by Color Online

Teenie by Christopher Grant

High school freshman Martine (Teenie for short) is a good student, with a bright future ahead of her. She's desperate to be accepted into a prestigious study abroad program in Spain so that she can see what life is like beyond the streets of Brooklyn. She wouldn't mind escaping from her strict (though lovable) parents for awhile either. But when the captain of the basketball team starts to pay attention to her after she's pined away for him for months and Cherise, her best friend, meets a guy online, Teenie's mind is on anything but her schoolwork. Teenie's longtime crush isn't what he seemed to be, nor is her best friend's online love. Can Teenie get her act together in time to save her friendship with Cherise, save her grade point average so that she can study in Spain, and save herself from a potentially dangerous relationship?

-I think I've made it pretty clear as to why I want to read Teenie. WoW and my interview with the author. Review coming on Tuesday, it was a most-excellent read just like I thought :) Bought!

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

Lucy Wu, aspiring basketball star and interior designer, is on the verge of having the best year of her life. She's ready to rule the school as a sixth grader and take over the bedroom she has always shared with her sister. In an instant, though, her plans are shattered when she finds out that Yi Po, her beloved grandmother's sister, is coming to visit for several months -- and is staying in Lucy's room. Lucy's vision of a perfect year begins to crumble, and in its place come an unwelcome roommate, foiled birthday plans, and Chinese school with the awful Talent Chang.

Her plans are ruined -- or are they? Like the Chinese saying goes: Events that appear to be good or bad luck often turn out to be quite the opposite, and Lucy finds that while she may not get the "perfect" year she had in mind, she can create something even better.

-WoW and I have an interview with the author coming this Friday, perfect timing! Received from scholastic, yippee =)

The Latte Rebellion by Sarah Jamila Stevenson

Hoping to raise money for a post-graduation trip to London, Asha Jamison and her best friend Carey decide to sell T-shirts promoting the Latte Rebellion, a club that raises awareness of mixed-race students.

But seemingly overnight, their "cause" goes viral and the T-shirts become a nationwide social movement. As new chapters spring up from coast to coast, Asha realizes that her simple marketing plan has taken on a life of its own—and it's starting to ruin hers. Asha's once-stellar grades begin to slip, threatening her Ivy League dreams, while her friendship with Carey hangs by a thread. And when the peaceful underground movement spins out of control, Asha's school launches a disciplinary hearing. Facing expulsion, Asha must decide how much she's willing to risk for something she truly believes in.

-WoW and my Elated Over Eleven interview with the author. I've started reading this book but I need to drink a latte while I read it! But I don't like coffee. Any latte-coffee less recs?

Super-Awesome Kickstarter Campaigns, please, please consider donating! Or just spreading the word! Heather from the Secret Adventures of Writer-Girl pointed these campaigns out to me, thank you. I know you guys will come through (I will too), you were incredibly generous to Tu Publishing. Let's do it again

The Ground Beneath Their Feet: A Tale of Pakistani Women-The effects of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan on women (two have spinal cord injuries). The video will absolutely break your heart.

Words without Borders: Afghanistan Translations-Translations of books from Pashto and Dari, I hope to one day see more YA translations but for now, I'm just happy to see adult fiction being translated. Needs to be funded by March 11.

The Fifties: a Tale in Black & White-photographs of glamorous Black women from the 1950s? Yes please! Some of us are very stylish (myself being the exception ;)

Donate, spread the word and tell me if you do either of those things. And of course, share what new books you got and if you plan on participating in the Read-In.


  1. Yay! I'm excited for BV! Slice of Cherry was super morbid and awesome, so I'm totally excited to read this one too!

  2. I wanted AWAM to win, but mostly because I am selfish. ;P Of course, Dia's book is AWESOME and I'm happy her book will be read by more people. :)

    I have cut down on book-buying because I'm so broke, but I DID buy one book last week (that's a huge reduction for me):

    THE PAINTED BOY by Charles de Lint

    I love de Lint's stuff, anyway, even though I still have tons to read of his - but this one is his latest urban/mythic fantasy & I really should have bought it in hardback... Oh, well. ;) The main character is a 17-year-old Chinese American boy, and the book blends Chinese and Mexican folklore. Huzzah!

  3. I meant to say that I really SHOULDN'T have bought it in hardback.

    *sigh* That's what I get for commenting when I'm falling asleep. ;)


  4. Ari,
    We're sharing the same sentiments today! I posted about a very inspiring super hero named Electron Boy. A comic books is being sold to raise funds to help this 14 year old as he fights a rare form of cancer.

    Now to go check out The Ground Beneath Their Feet...

  5. uh no. You either drink the real latte or you don't. ;)
    Ok, now seriously: You don't have to. If I knew a coffee free late I would have recommended it. I can't wait to read your review on the "Latte Rebellion".
    Maybe I should check BV out. It sounds like something I might read.

    ... and yes I sound jumpy, because I've just had a 16oz cafe latte. I'm dead serious.

  6. I read Bleeding Violet last year and thought it was awesome. I need to keep my eye out for Slice of Cherry.

    Even though I read Teenie weeks ago, I'm still thinking about her. She's such a real character.

    I finished The Latte Rebellion not too long ago. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but maybe you can try hot chocolate.

  7. Thanks for organizing this! I'm looking forward to reading and discussing Bleeding Violet. I tried to send you an email but it bounced back to me as undeliverable. My email address is eliselling at hotmail dot com. (My blog is The Dirigible Plum).

  8. Try a chai latte. They are delicious but without the whole coffee association.

  9. The Latte Rebellion sounds really interesting. Looking forward to your review.

  10. I forgot to add that I'll suggest using Cover It Live to run the discussion. I really like this software and it saves the discussion so it can be replayed for those who miss it. You can embed it in a blog post. Anyway, it's a great tool.


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