Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Colorful Chick Lit Challenge

As you read this post I am currently taking my last 2 finals. YES!!!!!

What better way to celebrate than by reading some relaxing, fun, chick lit by women authors of color? This challenge is being hosted by Lisa at Reads4Pleasure

Starts: Jan 1st 2011. Ends: December 31, 2011.

Junior year has been super stressful so I decided to go for the Queen of Chick lit title, which involves reading 12 or more books. That way, I can read one chick lit book a month which will help me forget about all the awfulness of ACT/SAT and other college stuff.

I'm trying to stick to YA because I'm depsertely hoping that there's more YA chick lit by and about poc than I had previously thought.

1. Who You Wit by Paula Chase Hyman

2. Belle by Beverly Jenkins

3. Drama High: The Fight by L. Divine

4. Work What You Get by Stephanie Perry Moore

5. Honey-Blonde Chica by Michele Serros

6. What I Meant by Marie Lamba

7. Who's Your Daddy? by Lynda Sandoval

8. Gamma Glamma by Kim Flores

9. Cuba 15 by Nancy Osa

10. Fresh Off the Boat by Melissa De La Cruz

11. Seeing Emily by Joyce Lee Wong

12. Nothing But the Truth (and a Few White Lies) by Justina Chen Headley

Backups (in case one of the authors turns out to not be an author of color or it's not really chicklit or maybe I just feel like reading one of the ones below instead).

13. Jason & Kyra by Dana Davidson

14. Mismatch by Lensey Namioka

15. Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

I also decided to unoffically read 4 adult fiction chick lit books. These are books I've meaning me to read for what seems like FOREVER and this challenge pushes me to read them (or in some cases re-read and review).

1. Feminista by Erika Kennedy

2. The Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez

3. Gotta Keep On Tryin' by Virgina Deberry & Donna Grant

4. In Full Bloom by Caroline Hwang

Got any recommendations for me?


  1. I believe Anjali Banerjee has some fun Indian chick lit. I think Maya Running is MG. I didn't read that one yet but my mom did and she giggled and laughed out loud. I did read Imaginary Men and Invisible Lives which are for adults and I believe they are both chick lit. Also Kavita Daswani has written a lot of Indian chick lit for adults. I have only read For Matrimonial Purposes but I liked it.

    I am really tempted to sign up for this challenge myself although I'm already at 21 Challenges (or is it 22)? I need to join Reading Challenge Addict Anonymous.

  2. I'm dying to see what you think of the Drama High series! Based on your rec I now have the whole series but haven't been able to touch one yet lol.

  3. I love your lists, Ari, you always give me ideas. I read one of the Dirty Girls books and enjoyed it--total soapy fun. I hope you have fun with the challenge! :)

    (and I hope finals go well!)

  4. @Christina T-Replied to your comment on the post about signing up for the Colorful Chick Lit challenge! I'm definitely going to try and read a book by Anjali Banerjee, Imaginary Men sounds like a lot of fun.

    Wow 20 challenges! Do you overlap books? I have quite a few more challenge posts coming up, but I'm trying to actually FINISH one this year.

    @Girl on a Mission-I've read most of the Drama High series, just never reviewed them. I'm astounded that the series is still going on actually. Maybe we can read the first one together? :)

    @Amy-I'm so happy you liked it because I love making lists and it's even better when I introduce people to new books :D I read the first Dirty Girls Book (that I'm going to try and re-read and review) and I remmeber thinking it was a blast.

    Finals were decent. Now I just have to anxiously wait for my grades. But thanks for the well wishes!

  5. Christina T: Thanks for mentioning my books. It's so cool that your mom laughed out loud while she read MAYA RUNNING! FYI, I have a new book out Feb 1: HAUNTING JASMINE.

  6. Not sure if you know about this already or not - I see that you have Alisa Valdes Rodriguez's "Dirty Girls Social Club" on your list, but she also has a YA book called "Haters."


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