Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: The Other Side of Dark + 2011 Debuts

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine. In this meme you share what new book you are eagerly awaiting on this week.

This week I'm waiting on....

The Other Side of Dark by Sarah Smith

Release Date: November 2, 2010

From the other side of dark they come, the ghosts of the violently dead. George Perkins, a mentally challenged boy who has been put in charge of a bloodsoaked treasure. Katie Mullens’s father who died in the Middle East. And the Others…

Law Walker, son of a famous African American professor, had a crush on Katie before she went crazy. Before her mother died. She was always a talented artist, but now her drawings have gone crazy too. They’re dark, they’re bloody—and they’re real. Katie draws what she sees. Dead people. Ghosts.

Now Katie needs Law to help the visions stop. And Law wants to help her. So what if his dad doesn’t want him dating a white girl? But Law needs Katie too, to find out what George knows about the treasure … and what Katie is going to see will be much bigger, much more shocking than anyone expected.

This powerhouse novel is about ugly histories, brave and desperate choices, and learning to see people—dead and alive—for who they really are.

-I see dead people! (haven't even seen that movie. ha) I'm normally a big fan of books that state upfront that there will be an interracial romance but I like that this is a fantasy/paranormal (I don't really know which genre this book falls into) that involves ghosts, craziness and a PoC main character. Plus the added in romance should keep the book from terrifying me ;)

Summary from author's website (

Reading in Color News

It's official my as yet unnamed 2011 debut author of color YA/MG feature is a go! I only have about nine authors so my fingers are crossed that I will find more authors of color making their debut in YA/MG. If you'd like to be featured (no ebooks) please email me or leave a comment. I also need suggestions for what to call this feature. Any ideas? Email or leave a comment.


'Ello Elevensies

Esteemed Elevensies

Something that reminds with 2011?

As you can see, I need help! I'm looking for a creative title, but the only creative bones in my body are related to dance :) So I've got nothing.

What are you waiting on this week? Any PoC releases?


  1. The Other Side of Dark sounds right up my reading alley. Thanks for introducing it to me!

    Good luck naming your feature. I will definitely be checking in.

  2. Wow--nine is more than I came up with:

    You're such a great resource, Ari...I'd miss a lot of titles without your blog!

  3. Here is my wish but I liked yours too! Interesting!

  4. Ari, thank you for putting THE OTHER SIDE OF DARK in Waiting on Wednesday! I get a lot of titles from you, and it's such a thrill to have *mine* there. Makes it all real. Best to you and all your RiC readers!

  5. THE OTHER SIDE OF DARK sounds like just the kind of book I love to read and review for my own blog. Thanks for giving me a heads-up about it!

    Good luck coming up with a creative title, by the way. Those can be such a pain to think up!

  6. Hey! I loved The Other Side Of Dark! It was amazing! I'm so excited that your going to read it!I love your blog! I get so many suggestions from it! It also inspired me to start my own! Thanks!

    Oh and good luck with your titles! Tough one! I like 'Ello Elevensies' a lot!

  7. This was my favorite of Joan Lowery Nixion's books! From the moment I started reading it I was hooked. It has a mix of romance and spine tingling- suspense. A real page turner. If you've never read one of her books this is the one to start out with.


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