Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Crayons, Twitter Party + Cool Links

New Crayons is a meme created and hosted by Color Online Crayons-multicultural books

But first, before we get into the books, I want to share a link with you. I recently learned that I was featured on a list of 50 Young Adult Books. There are some great blogs listed on there so check it out

This week I got...

Pull by B.A. Binns

Release Date: October 27, 2010

High school senior David Albacore is dealing with major upheaval after his father murders his mom. In the terrible aftermath, he changes his name and moves to a tough new inner-city Chicago high school with his younger sister Barney, when they and their now silent younger sister, Linda, move in with their aunt. David blames himself for not saving their mom that night; after being injured in a basketball game in which he was the star, David was given strong painkillers, which caused him to sleep through the shooting. Barney, who found their mom's body, is fragile after a hospital stay and is barely able to cope. With their mother gone and their father in jail, David tries to take care of his sisters as they grieve and adjust to a different kind of life. When he's forced to join the basketball team or be expelled after getting in too many fights, it cuts into his after-school construction job that he takes to help his aunt support his family. Then David begins falling for Yolanda, the hottest girl in school and Perry, the school player and bully's girlfriend. They flirt and spar, but going after this fashion loving Mighty Mite spells big trouble for David. And as he ponders trying for a basketball scholarship or keeping the construction job he loves, Aunt Edie's stroke eliminates most of David's options. He can keep his family together by working construction full time, or follow his mom's dream of college, which would probably send Barney into foster care.

-I think it's interesting that I'm discovering a few more YA books in which the father kills the mother. It's a long summary but I'm mostly focused on the fact that David has to make a seemingly impossible choice. Keep his family together by getting a day job or going to college (which his mother wanted). To some people, that may seem like a no-brainer decision, but I think it would be a really tough decision to make. Thank you Westside Books!

Sister Chicas by Lisa Alvarado, Ann Hagman Cardinal, and Jane Alberdeston Coralin

Taina's turning fifteen-and is so dreading her Pepto-pink quinceañera, her Sweet Fifteen.What about her secret Jamaican artist boyfriend? Should she let Mami choose her escort, or follow her heart-and ignite a family riot?

Grachi must choose between being the good Chicana-and grabbing la oportunidad de la vida. Now she needs her Sister Chicas more than ever...

Leni's the rebel-with a punk style and an attitude to go with it. But as she tries to make sense of her roots with her Chicas, her life gets more complicated, especially when her childhood friend turns into a handsome rockero...

And even though Taina,Grachi, and Leni don't always agree on things-like boys, clothes, and music-nothing gets in the way of their friendship
I look forward to seeing how three authors writing three characters manage to make them coexist. I like that the three girls are different ages, different personalities and still best friends. I look forward to reading this book. Thank you Mardel!

Other Cool Links

Y.S. Lee Online Launch Party! Are you a fan of The Agency series by Y.S. Lee (I love them!)? Well then you definitely don't want to miss this party/chat in honor of the release of Body at The Tower (second book in the trilogy). It's being co hosted by Walker Books UK and Candlewick Press and there will be prizes! Besides the possibility of winning the books you could also win Agency T-shirts and stickers.

Where: Twitter! Hashtag: #bodytower
When: September 28, 2010 (Tuesday) 4 PM BST (UK/Europe), 4 PM EST (US/Canada)
I wish I could attend but I have school and field hockey practice :(

Finally, Banned Books Week is here!

In celebration of all books that have banned, the Rejectionist is encouraging everyone to post reviews of their favorite banned book on September 30 (Thursday). I still need to finalize my banned books list and I'm hoping to find the time to re-review Whale Talk (when I found it was banned, I almost passed out in shock. One of the Best.Books.EVER!) Read more about the Rejectionist's idea here

So what new books did you get this week? Are you going to Y.S. Lee's Twitter party? What are your favorite banned books? Details, details, give 'em to me!


  1. I totally just bought Whale Talk, based on your recommendation/love for it.

    Yayyy! See, Ari, your recommendations do have impact! :-)

  2. I actually got the first Agency book this week because of you and that fab Victorians tour that you were part of.


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