Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Great Daring Giveaway!

The fabulous Cynthea Liu graciously sent me autographed copies of her two books: The Great Call of China and Paris Pan Takes the Dare. So I decided the best way to encourage people to read books about Asian Americans all year round (not just in May during the heritage month dedicated to celebrating the culture of all Asian people), is to give books away towards the end of May that feature Asian Americans as the main characters.

The What

Paris Pan Takes the Dare

So what if it’s a rite of passage for every seventh grade girl in town to spend a night in the woods? Paris Pan only just moved here, the woods are supercreepy, and she has enough weirdness to deal with in her own family. Finding out a girl died mysteriously years ago while on the Dare—right near Paris’s new house, no less—is bad enough, but the unmistakably ghostlike noises coming out of the broken-down shed at the edge of the Pan’s property? Definite deal breaker.

All Paris wants is to make friends, try to fit in, and not have to deal with a dead girl. But everyone has to take the Dare, and the new girl’s turn is up. .

My review

The Great Call of China

Chinese-born Cece was adopted when she was two years old by her American parents. Living in Texas, she’s bored of her ho-hum high school and dull job. So when she learns about the S.A.S.S. program to Xi’an, China, she jumps at the chance. She’ll be able to learn about her passion—anthropology—and it will give her the opportunity to explore her roots. But when she arrives, she receives quite a culture shock. And the closer she comes to finding out about her birth parents, the more apprehensive she gets. Enter Will, the cute guy she first meets on the plane. He and Cece really connect during the program. But can he help her get accustomed to a culture she should already know about, or will she leave China without the answers she’s been looking for?

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The Who: 2 winners (1 book per winner). U.S. & Canada only (I'm sorry international book lovers!)

The How: Fill out THIS FORM or leave a comment with your email address and which book you would like. For one extra entry, leave me a recommendation of a YA book with an Asian main character that I have not reviewed already! (That shouldn't be hard, I'm sadly lacking in reviews of books featuring Asians)

Ends: June 8th, 2010 11:59 PM Central Time

Good luck and a huge THANK YOU to Cynthea!


  1. How about Nancy Bo Flood's Warriors in the Crossfire, which takes place on the island of Saipan during the Second World War. The characters are indigenous Pacific Islander and mixed Pacific Islander/Japanese.

    Also, Angela Craft has a report on the "Inspired by True Crime" panel at the New York Public Library, discussing at length the inspiration for Andrew Xia Fukuda's Crossing, which you reviewed recently. She also has a giveaway of my book, which just won the IPPY Gold Medal from the Independent Publishers Association:

  2. Awesome contest. I have been itching to try these. Thank you for hosting it.

  3. @Lyn-Warriors in the Crossfire is added to my TBR wishlist :) I've never read anything told from the perspective of the indigenous islanders during WWII.

    I saw Angela's post and I've tweeted about the giveaway. Congrats on the IPPY award!!

    @Juju-Thank you for taking the time to comment with your thanks =) Good luck!

  4. Sincere thanks from the author for taking a look at WARRIORS IN THE CROSSFIRE. I would be pleased to send two signed ARC copies for your reading, review and give-away. Please send a mailing address and the books will be in the mail. Again, many thanks and happy reading, Nancy Bo Flood or

  5. @Nancy-Thank you for stopping by. Warriors in the Crossifre sounds interesting and historical fiction is my favorite genre. I'll email you.


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