Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun Book Meme

Due to the fact that I recently finished up some amazing books, I need to really make sure I write awesome reviews. This is not possible during the school week, but I did want to post something today so I went for a fun bookish meme :)

Now for the meme which I read on That Teen Can Blog!
Use the titles of books you've read this year to answer questions about yourself (I included books that I've read recently and will be reviewed soon and almost all of these books are books that I thought were excellent).

Describe Yourself: Silver Phoenix

How Do You Feel: Flygirl

Describe Where You Currently Live: Marcelo in the Real World

If You Could Go Anywhere Where Would You Go: Eternal

Your favorite form of Transportation: Catwalk

Your Best Friend is: Riding the Universe

You and Your Friends Are: It Chicks, Black Angels (2 separate books and we really aren't either one!)

What's the Weather Like: Down to the Bone

Favorite Time of Day: A Wish After Midnight

What is Life to You: Tears of a Tiger

Your Fear: Lockdown

What is the Best Advice You Have to Give Me: Whale Talk

Thought for the Day: Ten Cents a Dance

How I would Like to Die: Asleep

My Soul's Present Condition: Shine, Coconut Moon

Love Is: Played

*I added the last one

Have a great week!

PS Today is the release date of author Debby Dahl Edwardson new YA novel Blessing's Bead (I'm so eager to read it). Read the cover story, an interesting article by her about Native Americans in Literature here and my WoW post. Congrats Debby!


  1. I loved it. All great answrs. Especially the last one. Love is Played!!! I cant wait to read that book.

  2. Great Answers! I liked what's the weather like answer.


  3. Wouldn't we all like to walk a catwalk to work - would make you feel so positive to hear people clap you on your way to the office!

  4. That's cool! I could see using this with students in the media center...let them find titles to fill in the blank. It would be a great way to get them to look at new books.

  5. iluvhersheys-I reviewed Played and I liked it, but I liked Jason & Kyra better.
    Jodie-Exactly! It would be a huge confidence booster strolling down a catwalk :)
    campbele-It would be an awesome way for readers to look at new books, I think you should use the idea!
    Maria-can't wait to see yours :) And you must read Down to the Bone! sooooooo good.

  6. I need to try this meme - everyone has such great answers. Awesome!


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