Sunday, August 2, 2009

Randomness of the Day

I got no new books :( Which is probably best because I have a load of books to read, but I'm going to try and go to the library tomorrow anyway! So instead of a new Crayons post I decided to write some random rants or thoughts that I've had this week (about books and poc obviously)

1. I went to my library's online website to see if they had The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I figured they wouldn't since my library is severely lacking in diversity and I doubted many people in my town would be interested. Boy was I wrong! There's only one copy of the book but 18 requests for it!! So I decided I'm just going to have to buy it because I can't wait for 18 people to read it, since I want to finish it before school starts (Aug. 20 *groan*)

2. Everyone seems to be have just gotten or already read Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia by Cindy Pon. I'm so jealous! Another book I MUST read before school.

3. Question:What ethnicity/nationality do you think is ignored the most in the book world? I personally think it's the Native American community.

4. I'm trying to learn about the art of auto post. We shall see if it works because that would be amazingly helpful once I become really busy.

5. It came to my attention that I needed a review policy. You can see it in my sidebar.

6. So I was nominated in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards. Voting is from Aug. 1-31. I'm in the best Teen blog category. I realize that it's awfully presumptious to think that I, a new blogger, have the BEST teen blog, I'm sure there are others. I really just want to 1)draw attention to the fact that the Black Weblog Awards doesn't have a book blog category and they should because there are some great book blogs out there for Black people 2)Get the word out about my blog (shameless self-promotion :) So please vote for me if you think my blog is decent. Click on the image in my sidebar (very sparkly) to vote. When you get to the page it does say vote for young, black, a reader. Don't panic, that's Reading in Color (I was nominated when my blog name was young, black, a reader) Thank you!

Upcoming This Week
Male Monday: The Making of Dr. Truelove by Derrick Barnes review
Tuesday: A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott Review
Waiting on Wednesday: So many books so little time!
Throwback Thursday: Played by Dana Davidson
Friday: My contest details
Saturday: Most likely nothing. Possibly a review if I finish Rogelia's House of Magic by Jamie Martinez Wood or Rattlebone by Maxine Clair by then.
Sunday: New Crayons. Will I actually have books by then (hope so!)?


  1. Ari, Congrats on your Black Weblog nod. I will be voting for you. I am still waiting on Rogelia's House of Magic. How is it so far?

  2. I actually haven't started it yet :( but my sister read it and she said it was really good so I'm eager to read it. I should be able to start reading it today or tomorrow.

  3. Hi Ari,

    You know you have my vote. We have Silver Phoenix, if you can live with simply borrowing it, I am happy to send it to you. Auto post was an option on Blogger but many bloggers have said it is no longer working.


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