Monday, August 3, 2009

Male Monday: The Making of Dr. Truelove

The Making of Dr. Truelove by Derrick Barnes

Rating: 4/5

I.Q. "Mother walks over and gives Kris one of those butt-away pitty-pat hugs. That's when someone hugs you with their upper body and their butt is pushed out far away from you, then they lightly give you two or three pats on the back. It's completely phony and not only a sure sign that the person doesn't want to hug you, but if they had an anti-contaminant suit to wear and a machete to drive in your back, they'd use both."

Whew. Long quote right there, but just one example of the quotable, laugh out loud lines that are scattered throughout this book. Like The Kayla Chronicles, The Making of Dr. Truelove should only be read when you are alone. This book will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Between the characters' crazy antics, words that are used (details and descriptions) and especially the father (Pop) this book is non-stop laughter.

Diego Montgomery is a math and jazz loving nerd, not exactly a ladies man. So when he finally gets a girlfriend (Roxy), he's excited. Too excited. After a first-time having sex disaster, Diego's too embarrassed to call or hang out again with Roxy, causing Roxy to break up with him. Diego's determined to get her back and his crazy friend J convinces him that the way to get Roxy back is too start a sex/love advice column and learn all he can about women. Thus, Dr. Dexter Truelove and The Prescription column are born.

The most entertaining character is Pop. "He'll say something referencing God or quote a Bible verse, then let his emotions get the best of him and follow it with a cussword or go off on some horny, sex-laden tirade." Pop is an ex-Marine and now an assistant pastor at a Baptist church. He's so crude and disgusting, but really funny. I'm still not sure how he managed to marry Diego's mother (She's high-class, well-educated and wears designer everything). Pop does have rare (miss-if-you-blink) tender moments towards his family and does give Diego some good advice.

My favorite character is Kris, Diego's oldest sister (he has two). Although, Kris is a minor character I love how she always sticks up for her brother and always has his back. She's supportive and cool. She's a really famous radio personality and never lets the fame go to her head. And I thought the lesbian element made her even more interesting(oops small spoiler!).

Diego is an endearing character. He's funny and sincere. The author (or Diego as the narrator however you want to look at it) wrote really well. Descriptive and engaging. For example, "And before Lita can invite our guest completely in, it hits me-a titillating tidal wave-a mesmerizing mass of mist-a cyclone of sweet coercion that knocks me on my butt...the hypnotic smell of Coconut Lime Verbena." The writing is like that throughout the whole book, excellent. The storyline is really original which is a big part of what makes this book so great, along with the writing.

The sex references aren't crude, they're funny. The advice columns inserted in the book may actually help answer questions some one has. There is some swearing, but it's not a lot and it isn't that bad. High school and up. This book helped me better understand the mindset of guys and I'm sure all guys can relate to at least one character, or one experience.

I'm off to go find Coconut Lime Verbena and see if it really smell as good as Diego says ;)


  1. Diego came across has a nice guy. He was my favorite character. I really enjoyed The Making of Dr. Truelove, Susan not so much nor Edi. Finally someone on my side. Thanks Ari.

  2. This is why we need the teen voice. My daughter enjoyed this, too. And you both had reactions very different from me and my peer,a librarian. We were less impressed. Glad you shared your take on this.

  3. If I could give you a hug onlne, hell, I would! Thank you, Mss attitude.
    I havent worked on a teen nbovel since, especially since my Ruby and the Booker Boys series has blown up. Sticking with the young readeres for now. I have a dope middle grade novel coming out next year (6-8 graders, May 2010) entitled We Could Be Brothers (Scholastic). Its just so hard to get books like Truelove in to schools and most administrators , after they read the first chapter, dont want to invite me in.

    I may work on a new one in the next two years, but right now its all about Ruby Booker, We Could Be Brothers, and a new boys series I'm working on.

    Keep up the great work with the blog, Queen.

    peace and blessings
    Derrick Barnes

  4. Aw thanks Derrick *Online hug* I really do hope that you write another YA novel, your voice is needed. I can't believe (well I can, but I don't like it) librarians and school administrators have a problem with your book. No censorship!


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