Sunday, August 16, 2009

No New Crayons, So Not the Drama Playlist, Cool Links

So I got no new books this week :( Oh well. I do have plenty to read.

Updates for next week: My contest for A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott ends Aug. 18 (this Tuesday), hurry and enter now!

I've introduced Whale Talk to a new fan! I forgot to share the link, but a little while ago Cecilia from epic rat did a post on me as a New Blogger on the Block (which I so appreciated. Thanks again Cecilia!) anyway, read the interview here, to see why Cecilia ended up reading Whale Talk. I'm pleased to say that she loved it just as much as I did!! Read her review here

Read Colleen and Susan's posts about how to recommend POC books to non-POC

Check out Steph's opinion on the new Liar cover, baby steps. Love this post and totally agree!

Oh I discovered an awesome list of YA books with Asian-American protags I want to read all the books on this list. And I thought this post on Asian-Americans on YA fiction covers was very interesting. Both links are from the YA YA YAs book blog.

Sad news: I go back to school Aug. 20 (this Thursday) *insert heavy sigh here* I've got some reviews written up and waiting to be published, but there may be a time where the reviews slow down. Be patient and bear with me! I'll type lots of reviews on holiday weekends, but my posts will probably shorten to 4 a week (I hope to keep Male Monday, Throwback Thursday, a regular review and New Crayons going).

One of my new fav poems: Doret from the HappyNappy Bookseller wrote But That's Not What This Rant is About I am so, so in love with this poem and I'm jealous becuase I can't write poetry to save my life! I totally agree with her poem and feelings. Doret you rock!

Now a request: I'm thinking of trying to (somehow, someway) create a list of contests featuring YA books with POC. There are too few contests for YA books with poc. So leave me a comment or email me if you know of a contest being held! I think that if more contests are held for teens featuring books about poc, they will read them more. After all, everyone likes free books.
Now here's my problem (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this), I have no money to spend on buying books. Not right now anyway. So how do we host YA book contests with poc, if we don't have the money to buy the books to giveaway? Thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!

I love making music playlists so here's mine for So Not the Drama by Paula Chase. I tried not to use all the songs featured in the book, but some of them are on the list since obviously they fit the book well.
In no particular order...

1. Just Dance by Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis. this song just reminds me of high school, at a party having fun.

2. This is Why I'm Hot-Mims "I'm hot cuz I'm fly, you ain't cuz you not." The popularity creed

3. No More Drama- Mary J. Blige feat. P. Diddy (remix) the original song is good too. The title says it all

4. Family Affair-Mary J. Blige Reminds me of hanging with your friends, basically your second family.

5. Popular-Wicked musical. Just look at the title :) The song is funny and I love this musical

6. Don't Forget About Us-Mariah Carey Ignore the love meaning, the song could be applied to friendships as well, especially Lizzie vs. Mina

7. Big Things Poppin'- T.I. Mina expects big things poppin (or good things to happen) at school.

8. Boom Boom Pow-"I'm so 3008, you're so 2008." Again reminds me of popularity, something a popular, stuck-up person (aka Jessica!) might say.

9. I Gotta Feeling- Black-Eyed Peas "I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night." Good song for the party at the end of the book

10. Bossy-Kelis "You don't have to love me, you don't even have to like me. But you will respect me." Jessica's theme song.

11. Break the Ice- Britney Spears. Craig meets Mina

12. C.R.U.S.H.-Ciara Mina's got a crush on Craig!

13. I Can't Leave Him Alone- Ciara Title perfectly describes how Kelly feels about Angel

14. Girl Gone Wild-Tiffany Evans. I'm relieved that the girls in this book aren't "showing skin, showing legs". This song is just fits some high school girls.

15. Thinkin' About- Tiffany Evans Mina is thinking about Craig ;)

16. Run It!-Chris Brown feat. Julez Santana Reminds me of hig school parties as well as a song that cheerleaders (Mina is a cheerleader) would dance/cheer to.

17. So What-Pink "So what, I'm still a rockstar, I got my rock moves and I don't need you." I like how SNTD focused less on relationships and more on friendships. This song is more about being strong after a break-up, but I think it works in explaining that you don't need a man.

18. When I Grow Up- Pussycat Dolls About popularity and fame.

19. Run the Show-Kat DeLuna Running the show is just another way to describe being popular!

20. Independent-Webbie feat. Lil' Boosie and Lil' Phat All the girls in the Del Rio Bay Clique are independent. Actually any song about women's independence would work (Miss Independent by Ne-Yo or Kelly Clarkson, Independent Woman by Destiny's Child)

21. Umbrella-Rihanna feat. Jay-Z Rihanna sings about always being there for her friend, she is her friend's "umbrella". The true meaning of friendship.

Feel free to comment away if I missed some songs that you think would go great with this book!


  1. Another great playlist. Thanks for linking to my rant.

  2. Wicked is positively swoon-worthy. I saw it NYC and Alli Mauzey played Galinda. She made it so hilarious. I was LITERALLY just singing popular (and dancing around my room shhh! lol) soo yah Great post. I'm gonna go click these links now.


    P.S. SCHOOL!! UGH!! Mine starts sept 1st x.x

  3. Hey, Miss A--how does it feel to be famous?! Do you schoolmates know? Loved your Epic Rat interview. As for contests, most authors will gladly send you free copies of their book for a contest, so it might be worthwhile to simply email a few and ask...I'm happy to donate copies of my book to anyone hosting a giveaway.

    Good luck with the start of school!

  4. I had to go back to school last week! I'm sure you'll have a fabulous year, I'll look forward to hearing how it's going as well as what new books you find time to read.

    I don't know what to say about the playlist...I only know one of those songs!!! I'd rather see music give aways so I can listen to the tunes and read the books!

  5. Forgot to mention that Whale Talk is a great book. I gave it to a student last year who was trying to get back into reading. He took it home, read it over the weekend and was hooked on reading! He spent the year relying on my to keep giving him books to read. I wish it was always that easy!

  6. Campbele that's so cool! Whale talk got me hooked on reading books about guys. Before I'd been a bit of a book snob. Girl way or no way. No more! I am actually going to include my AWAM CD if the winner wants it, I just don't have a copy of SNTD to offer :(


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