Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Contest!

So today is a super awesome day! It's the start of my very first contest! Yay *waves her hands in the air*! This contest is in honor of my one-month blogaversary (started blog July 4th, the contest is one day late)

The Details

What & Who: Win a copy of the super-awesome book A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott!

Fifteen-year old Genna Colon believes wishes can come true. Frustrated by the drug dealers in her building, her family's cramped apartment, and her inability to compete with the cute girls at school, Genna finds comfort in her dreams of a better future. Almost every day she visits the garden and tosses coins into the fountain, wishing for a different life, a different home, and a different body. Little does she know that her wish will soon be granted: when Genna flees into the garden late one night, she makes a fateful wish and finds herself instantly transported back in time to Civil War-era Brooklyn
Zetta has generously given me a copy to give away. Thanks Zetta! You can read my review of AWAM and my interview with Zetta. I highly recommend you read both for the contest!

When: Today, Aug. 5-August 18
Where: Reading in Color!

How: entries
+1 comment on any of my previous book reviews
+3 become a follower of my blog

+2 become a follower of Color Online or Taste Life Twice or Zetta's blog Fledgling! Leave me a comment on this post telling me which one(s) you became a follower of.

+3 Enter the August Color Me Brown Contest (comment with a link to a post on your blog announcing you've entered). Click on the picture on my sidebar for more details.

+2 If you're already in the Color Me Brown Challenge

+5 Comment on this post and list celebrities to play any of the characters in AWAM (even if you haven't read the book, based on my descriptions you should be able to pick at least 3 actors/actresses based on appearance or personality) that I've listed below. If there's not a lot of physical characteristics (for example there aren't many physical details about Martha) than use your imagination. Min. is 3 celebrities. Max is 8. If you use any of Zetta's suggestions, they don't count (you still need at least three characters, her suggestion is extra).

You must do at least two of the above! Be sure you leave your email address!
*Update-go to and leave me the link with your cast! You have to create an accout (it's free) and then cast away! If you already entered, I'll cast your people on my account so I can get a better visual. Thanks Jeff for letting me know about this website!
A Wish After Midnight Characters
2001 (present day) Characters

Genna-tall, skinny, "dark and plain" (in her own words) with "short nappy hair". However, later on Genna gets locs (dredlocks). Shy, studious, determined, an outsider. Wants to be a psychiatrist. Lives in Brooklyn. 15 years old. African American and Panamanian

Judah-A little older than 15 or 16 because he moved from Jamaica and got put in the 10th grade, but he's a little older than that. Has dreds. Wants to move to Africa. Strong, quiet, likes writing haiku, has an accent. Likes reggae.

Toshi- Genna's older sister. 17 years old. Very popular girl. Only cares about boys, clothes, hair, make-up, and the latest dance moves. Short and curvy. Long brown hair, "skin the color of butterscotch pudding". Wants to drop out of school and work at a clothing store (already works there part-time). Mean to Genna (but was nicer when they were younger).

Rico- Genna's older brother. Got held back, so in some of her classes. Always in trouble (with the police, teachers, neighbors). Dealing drugs. He's always been mean to Genna, never defends her from his creepy friends. He's loud, rude and selfish. His mother's favorite. Has already been in juvie.

Hannah-Older white lady who befriends Genna. Has a little boy. Helps Genna, gives her clothes and her old psychiatry books. Very nice, but can be overly helpful (sometimes sees Genna as a charity case).

1863 Characters

Paul-When Genna travels back in time to 1863 Brooklyn she meets Paul. He is bi-racial. Blue eyes, light brown curly hair. Honey-colored skin. Kind, funny (always got jokes) , a listener. Genna's age, maybe a few years older.

Nannie-elderly black woman. Housekeeper to the Brants. Nice, comforts Genna.

Sam-Helps Genna out. Elderly black man (gray hairs on his head and has a beard).

Dr. Brant- White doctor who asks Genna to live with him and his wife and take care of their child. Tall, kind and has a mustache. Well-to-do.

Mrs. Brant-Dr. Brant's wife. A snob, rude to the servants and her husband. Stubborn and whiny. Short , has "cold" blue eyes and has curly hair.

Martha- Irish girl Genna befriends. Dirt poor, a scullery maid. She has an accent. Skinny.

Best of luck everyone! Can't wait to read these :)


  1. +3 I'm now a follower :)
    +2 I'm a follower of Color Online
    +2 I'm already doing the Color Online challenge (and loving it)
    +5 Genna- Halle Berry
    Sam- Danny Glover
    Paul- Terrence Howard
    (I don't know celebrities very well, haha)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Great first contest! :)
    +3 Im a follower
    -Liz ;)
    (Good Luck!)


  3. Hi! Please enter my name in your draw. I commented on your blog entry "Colorful Interview with Zetta Elliott".
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I just became a new follower of your blog.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. +1 I commented on A Wish After Midnight review
    +3 I became a follower of your blog
    +2 I am a follower of Color Online and Taste Life Twice
    +2 I'm already in the Color Me Brown Challenge

    Great first contest!


  6. Hey! I became a follower of your blog and ColorOnline! (check my bloglist


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  7. Hello! I'm a follower of your blog, Color Online, and Fledgling. As far as casting goes, Mehcad Brooks could be Judah. Robert Ri'chard could be Paul. Amanda Seyfried as Martha. Forest Whitaker as Sam. Hmmm...and Jeremy Renner and Evangeline Lilly as the doctor and his wife. I'd suggest me as Genna, but I'm not famous (yet). Thanks!

  8. Hi! I've been thinking about who can play Paul, Mrs. Brant, and Sam.

    For Paul, how about Noah Gray-Cabey (a few years from now cause right now he is only 14)? He played the biracial Micah on Heroes. And I love him so much it HURTS.

    I think Imelda Staunton could play Mrs. Brant. She plays Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter movies and looks like she could easily play a "good guy" as well as a "bad guy." She has so much range as an actress!

    And... Morgan Freeman as Sam. Would that be too conventional a choice? But Morgan Freeman is a good actor and he is extremely likable. :o)

    I've also commented on your book review of AWAM. I hope that counts as an entry too. :D

    My email addy:

  9. Okay here are the points:

    +1 I've commented on one (or more maybe) of your book reviews.

    +3 I follow your blog

    +2 I follow Color Online

    ...and happy anniversary!

  10. Hey Ari,

    The book sounds excellent, and if the giveaway is open worldwide I'd love to enter (I totally understand if it's not, though). While I don't publicly follow any blogs, I do subscribe to both your blog and Color Online, and I'm doing the Color me Brown Challenge. Not sure about casting...I'm bad at those things :P

  11. Hi, Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you're in the blogosphere. I'd like to enter the contest. I'm
    a follower of your blog as well as Color Online, Fledgling, and Taste Life Twice.
    Thanks much,

  12. +3 Follower of your blog!

    Thanks for the contest!
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  13. + 3 I became a follower of your blog
    +2 follower of Color Online

    Thanks so much for the entry!

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  14. +3 Joined the August Color Me Brown Challenge

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  15. A Wish After Midnight is a book I've heard so much about through susan and Color Online. I'd love the chance to read it! I am a follower of your blog, and I've been following Color Online for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

    stephxsu at gmail dot com

  16. This sounds like an awesome book! Please enter me.

    +3 became a follower of your blog
    +2 became a follower of Color Online
    +2 became a follower of Taste Life Twice


  17. I'd love to read this!

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com


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