Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feed the Hungry! And Maybe Get a Free Book

Hi everyone! I want everyone to please check out this link. If Literanista gets 30 comments, General Mills will give one box of cereal to a food shelter. They will donate up to 3,ooo boxes of cereal for every blog that participates. More details at the link! Please, please comment (also Literanista is giving away any book of your choice to a random person if they leave one of the 30 comments). So far there's 6 comments! Tell 'em Reading in Color sent you :) Haha I forgot what movie/song that's from!


  1. At first I was like, "One bowl?" Who's that going to help? But I see it's one box, and I remember the days of having cereal for're an amazing activist, girl, and an inspiration not only to teens.

  2. Such a simple and easy way to help people. Too bad there aren't more comments. I've posted it to my facebook so hopefully that helps a bit.

  3. This sounds like a nice way to help people. I'll check it out, hopefully I'm not to late.


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