Monday, January 17, 2011

African American Read-In (A Sit-In of Sorts)

Doret of theHappyNappyBookseller had the brillant idea that we book bloggers should do something in honor of the African-American Read-In. What is the African American Read In you ask? Well I had no idea either until Doret shared a link with me.

From the NCTE website

"Schools, churches, libraries, bookstores, community and professional organizations, and interested citizens are urged to make literacy a significant part of Black History Month by hosting and coordinating Read-Ins in their communities. Hosting a Read-In can be as simple as bringing together friends to share a book, or as elaborate as arranging public readings and media presentations that feature professional African American writers."

We are a book blogging community and so we should do something. Doret suggested we hold a discussion about a book. Doret, Edi and I have selected 6 YA titles by African American authors about African American teens. We tried to feature male and female authors, weird, sad and happy stories.

We would like YOU to vote on which title you want to READ and then DISCUSS.

The titles:

Yummy by G. Neri

A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott

When the Black Girl Sings by Bill Wright

Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

Tyrell by Coe Booth

So hopefully this poll will work but if it doesn't and I'm MIA, please leave your vote in the comment (title). Voting closes on Friday, Jan. 21

The discussion will take place sometime in late February. Please also let us know what day would work best for you.

The options

February 18
Februay 19
February 25
February 26

Finally, how should we hold this discussion? I have no idea how to set up a LiveChat but that could be kind of fun. Or we could just post some questions and have people respond in the comments (although Blogger's comment system is sort of annoying). The discussion will be hosted here at my blog.

Feel free to comment or email me, Doret or Edi with any questions.

And please, we want to get as much participation as possible. Obviously, you don't have to be Black to participate and who knows, you may discover a new favorite book (or really really good one). All of these books will make for an excellent discussion and we would love to see you enter the conversation. It's one of the best ways I can think of to honor and uphold Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s memory (who I firmly believe is one of the greatest men in the history of the world). After all, wouldn't he have wanted people to read all kinds of books in genres they enjoy, regardless of race? And perhaps, even make sure that they at least TRY reading a few books about African Americans in new genres or old favorites?

Which book should we discuss for the African American Read-In?

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  1. I love the idea of an online Read-In!

    LiveChats are fun, but so chaotic! It can be hard to do any real discussion depending on the number of people in it... I wonder if it would be possible to do a number of smaller chats/chatrooms, and then for everybody to come together in the comments? I have no idea how that would work, though!

  2. I was super torn between Yummy and Bleeding Violet (ultimately voted for BV), and I would love to read either one!! Regardless of what book is chosen, I'm planning on participating :)

  3. You and Doret come up with the neatest projects! This will be fun!

  4. Great idea, I can't wait to see what we'll read and discuss

  5. I love this idea. I voted, but I will participate no matter the book. Any of the days would work for me, I think. I think a Live Chat would be best, but I have never set one up.

  6. Sounds fun! Thanks for hosting/organizing!

  7. This sounds awesome! I would be willing to read any of these! They all look great! And, since my super small library doesn't have a lot of them, I could totally buy new books without feeling guilty! :)

    I'll be watching for updates!

  8. Count me in! I voted for Yummy. I just read it and was in awe of Neri's talent. Yummy is such a powerful book and there's so much that can be discussed.

  9. I'd love to be a part of this chat! Really hoping homework doesn't get in the way. =) As for live chat, I'd suggest TweetChats as they're easy to follow and usually go off smoothly...but, of course, I realize not everyone has a Twitter. Great idea!

  10. I voted Bleeding Violets because I didn't know it was POC! I've read 3 of the choices so would be more than willing to discuss any of them!

    I think LiveChat is a good idea and would be more than willing to research that part for you.

    I vote for the 19 or 26.

  11. This is a great idea! With the time difference, I'm not sure I'd be able to participate in a live chat, but will definitely read the selected book regardless (of the choices, I've only read Yummy so far).

  12. Great idea, I'm in! Please please choose a low-tech participation method so old(er) fogies like me aren't scared off.

  13. I vote for YUMMY! It's a fantastic book and I'm so glad it's getting the attention and the awards it deserves. It'll be a great book for a group discussion!

  14. such a great idea! will pass it on. many thanks to you, edi, and doret.

    maybe a combination of livechat, twitter, facebook page, and email/listserv to get as many people participating as possible? i don't know if that would be confusing...

  15. I voted for When the Black Girl Sings but Bleeding Violet or Tyrell would be my second choice.

    I'm down for whatever when it comes to the chat.

  16. Oh it is a good idea. i like it. it reduce discrimination between black and white color people. Obviously i support YUMMY. It is a great book for discussion and relation.
    online colour readings


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