Sunday, September 25, 2011

No More Books for Review Please (Temporarily)

The heading of this post makes me sad but it's simply not possible for me to read YA as much as I did last year. Between college applications, playing a fall sport and pre-calc (WHY would they make pre-calc harder than calc? And why did my counselor not tell me to not waste my time in this class? And why can't I do basic math? So many questions ha) I'm lucky if I finish a YA book within the month! Part of the problem is my interest in YA is waning, in my few minutes of spare time I'm (slowly) devouring True Compass by Edward Kennedy and Madame Secretary by Madeline Albright. I currently have six books I need to read AND review and two books I need to review. Books that have already been sent to me will of course be reviewed and I sincerely hope to have all ARC September reviews published soon. So please authors and publishing houses email first before mailing me a book, unless you don't mind if I don't review it right away.

I will continue to sporadically post and please help keep me in the 'know' by sharing links of importance on this post :) Especially happy news because I've been tired/depressed these past few months so I really want to share in other people's happiness!