Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Crayon + Winner

New Crayons is a meme created and hosted by Color Online. In this meme we share what new multicultural books we got for the week. Crayons is being used as a metaphor for multicultural books, get it?

But I know what everyone really wants to read is who won the giveaway.

The winner is.....


Congratulations Keyona, I'll be emailing you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered this very short and sudden giveaway :)

This week I got...

The Long Song by Andrea Levy

Told in the irresistibly willful and intimate voice of Miss July, with some editorial assistance from her son, Thomas, The Long Song is at once defiant, funny, and shocking. The child of a field slave on the Amity sugar plantation, July lives with her mother until Mrs. Caroline Mortimer, a recently transplanted English widow, decides to move her into the great house and rename her “Marguerite.”

Resourceful and mischievous, July soon becomes indispensable to her mistress. Together they live through the bloody Baptist war, followed by the violent and chaotic end of slavery. Taught to read and write so that she can help her mistress run the business, July remains bound to the plantation despite her “freedom.” It is the arrival of a young English overseer, Robert Goodwin, that will dramatically change life in the great house for both July and her mistress. Prompted and provoked by her son’s persistent questioning, July’s resilience and heartbreak are gradually revealed in this extraordinarily powerful story of slavery, revolution, freedom, and love.

-So when I first heard about this book, I thought, another slave narrative? But then I read the description. And dear readers, it describes the book as 'funny'. A slave narrative that's funny? Count me in! I'm so ready to read something humorous about a not-so humorous situation. Thank you x infinity Tricia!

I'm not sure if I got anything else this week because I only got a chance to check my mailbox early on the week.

Summary from

Thank you everyone for the birthday Tweets/comments/emails! It means so much to me =D

What new books did you get this week? Any by/about PoC?


  1. Ariii!!! I cannot believe that I did not wish you a Happy Birthday and it already passed! OMG HAPPY 17th!!!!! Hope it was fun and I hope you enjoy all of the privelages of being one year older than boring old not having to wait 6 months to get your liscence, unless you already have it but thats not the point. Happy Birthday, hope you have so much fun!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhh this book! I bought it during the summer but never got to chance to read it before jetting off to the other side of the pond. T_T

    So I've been combing through the MG/YA section of the bookstores in France and I managed to find one novel that was a YA Chinese Historical Fantasy Epic... in French!!! I only just started it, but so far I'm feeling optimistic about its prospects.

  3. Ari, I don't know exactly when your birthday was but I hope it was HAPPY, very HAPPY and now we can just call THE LONG SONG a little gift, right?

    I owe you e-mail--have not forgotten, am just buried at the moment.


  4. OMG, belated happy birthday! Hope you had all the fun you deserve :)

    I am haring off to check this book out--I absolutely loved Small Island.

  5. 'The Long Song' looks good right? I wasn't sold on Small Island, maybe the adaptation put me off, but this looks good and unreliable and as you said funny. This Booker list is super funny according to some guy whose name I ahve forgotten.

    This week I got 32 Candles - excited!

  6. Omg I had no idea it was your birthday. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed it with awesome people. Also, can't believe I WON. I won. I won. I WON. I never win anything lol. This week I got Deal With It and Honey Blonde Chica.


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