Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You Reeaaaddddy? YA Fantasy Showdown

Something is going down. Something big. YA Fantasy Showdown

How would you like to see Edward duke it out against Hermione? Or Katniss and Katsa? Well, guess what? You can, in the first ever YA Fantasy Showdown. In celebration of Suzanne Collin’s final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, a group of bloggers are pitting some of the best-known characters in YA in the ultimate showdown. And you get to pick the winner.

That’s right. You read the battles, evaluate the characters, and vote for who has the honor of moving on to the next round. It’s a tournament like you’ve never seen before (because there’s more). The authors have been asked to participate and advocate their character in writing their own version of the battle. It’s going to be truly epic. Or at least a good way to pass the time until Mockingjay comes out. It all goes down August 10th.

Why do I have an interest in this? Well I loved The Hunger Games. And while I might be one of the few people who finished the first book without feeling a need to read Catching Fire right away (a lot of other books got in the way), I am excited for Mockingjay. I can read Catching Fire and then grab Mockingjay asap. I'm also really happy that this tournament features some diversity. I would have followed it anyway becuase I love some of the books and characters being featured (Alanna! Westley!) but the fact that it showcases some PoC characters in fantasy is icing on the cake. I've only read one of the books that features a PoC (Silver Phoenix), but most of these were already on my list (Eon is not on my list).

The PoC characters are...
Ai Ling - Silver Phoenix
Eona -Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Katniss - The Hunger Games
Eugenides - The Queen's Thief series
Ged -The Wizard of Earthsea
Goranu - Little Sister
I'm rooting for Ai Ling to win it all. Alanna is my next choice, followed by Westley and Astrid (heehee As represent!)

Who are you cheering for?


  1. katniss can kick all their asses with her pinky finger. fact.

  2. I've gotta say, I have a soft spot for Ged.... But I just don't think he can handle Katniss ;)

  3. aww, you are rooting for ai ling? <3
    thank you!

    i love gen and ged myself. and of course, my own heroine.

  4. I voted in Ged, because as much as I like Edmund I just don't think he stands a chance against that kind of magic.

  5. @D Swizzle-Fact Ai Ling and Alanna both have the gods and goddesses on their sides. You don't mess with heaven :)

    @Ellen-I wish I had read more of these books! It varies, sometimes I vote for my favorite character but if I've never read their books, I pick the winner.

    @cindy-Of course! I wish she used her love of food in a battle of some sort. lol

    The Queen's Thief series is something I want to read soon.

    This battle is such a great idea.

    @Jodie-I'm not even a big Edmund fan actually. But I agree, Ged seems to be too powerful for him to handle.


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