Sunday, November 15, 2009

Read in Color Holiday Book Exchange!

The Holidays are fast approaching. Sort of. Thanksgiving is two weeks away, but already stores have commercials advertising Holiday sales! And displays of holiday lights, wreaths, Santa Clauses, etc. I've decided to start getting into the spirit of things here at Reading in Color.


the Read in Color Holiday Book Exchange!
How is this different from any of the other book holiday gift exchanges? It's not really. The only difference is that you can only receive a book about a poc. Therefore, no one will have an excuse about the lack of books out there featuring poc and them being hard to find, because you have the opportunity to give and get one! I'm doing this to get more books about poc into the hands of more readers. I would love if publishers saw a sizable boost in sales of books about poc during the holidays!

Open: Internationally

Sign up by Nov. 24. To sign up follow this link (I'm not sure how to embed the form in this post).

I personally celebrate Christmas, so in order to make things easier, I want to have all the books mailed out before Christmas, so that they can arrive by then. Therefore, all books MUST be mailed by Dec. 11th. The person will list 1-5 books that he/she would like. You must send at least one. If you absolutely can not find any of the books the person is asking for, email me and I will try and help (you may have to send a giftcard instead, but this shouldn't happen). Hopefully, everyone will have enough notice to start looking for the books on the list.

Any questions? Feel free to email me or leave a comment. Also, many details are explained on the form. I will email everyone on Nov. 25 with the name, address and wishlist of the person I will randomly pick. To make it fun, I would like it to be anonymous, Secret Santa-like. So don't ask me who is sending you your gift! And feel free to send a holiday card as well. Leave a comment (not necessary you could just fill out the form but it's helpful) letting me know if you're interested as well.

I highly encourage people to also participate in the Color Online Holiday Greeting Card Exchange.

Let's make the holidays colorful!


  1. Great idea, Ari! I just signed up(:

  2. Ok I am too addicted to holiday swaps, signed up and what a great idea to focus on.

  3. Awesome, I am signed up and ready to shop. Like Jodie, I am addicted to these holiday book swaps


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