Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ganador!! Winner of Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month Giveaway!

Ganador is Spanish for winner :) Picked by

And here they are......

1. austenfan!

2. misusedinnocence!

3. susan!

4. Jo Ann Hernandez!

5. evelyn n. alfred!

Congrats all my winners and thank you everyone who entered! I'll be contacting you guys shortly, but I'm too tired to right now. Feel free to email me! Remember if you don't reply within 48 hours, I pick a new winner. *Edit: Sorry guys, here's the list!

You may be wondering why the giveaway ends a few days before Hispanic Heritage month ends, but the books will not likely arrive till after HHM ends. Why did I do this? It was intentional becuase I think that HHM should be celebrated 365 days a year and I want to encourage people to read books with Latino/a main characters all the time, not just during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Stay tuned for another contest soon!


  1. I agree with you one hundred percent, HHM should be an all-year thing, not relegated to one token month, just as Black History Month should be all year, just as Women's History Month should be all year. What a perfect point to end on! There's a book I had to read for my education class called Beyond Heroes and Holidays which makes the point that we can't be satisfied with just having one month and a few holidays to celebrate people, if we want to truly celebrate it must be on-going. I guess that's why I'm glad about becoming a history teacher, because I have the ability to teach my students about people of varying backgrounds and ethnicities all year round, as opposed to just once a year.

    (What a long long comment, for a simple paragraph, LOL) Oh, and congrats to the winners of your giveaway!

  2. Congrats, winners! Happy reading...

  3. Thank I just need to search your page for the list of books I can choose from.

  4. Thankyou Ari. now where are the books? oh where oh where are you?? Jo Ann

  5. Ari, we have to wait until 1st & 2nd place make their picks, right?

    Thanks for hosting the contest. I love winning books. I've read Dole and we own Graffiti Girl. I'd love to have any other title and if I get one we have, I'll put it straight in our Prize Bucket.


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