Tuesday, September 15, 2009

102 & You! BBAW, Dictators, VMAS & Winners!

So I reached 102 followers! Wow. I'm so amazed, I honestly didn't think I would gain even 100 followers. I planned on having a celebration for reaching 101 followers (I thought having one more than 100 would be even cooler than 100), but between the time I took a shower this evening (about an hour ago) and started writing this post I got 102! Thank you so much everyone who follows me!! I have the most awesome readers in the world, someone always leaves a comment on a post so I know that I'm not talking to anyone (before I became a blogger I rarely commented on blog posts even if I agreed with them, now that I'm a blogger I try to always leave a comment on a blog I visit, especially if there is none on the post yet!) I'm going to have to think of something special to do. I'm not really sure since I already have contests going once a week throughout the month. Maybe I'll just throw in extra books for more winners, after all everyone loves good free books! So THANK YOU (best early birthday present from the book blogging community :)

My guest-post for BBAW is up! Please read it (and if you have time leave a comment sharing your thoughts). I'm so behind in all the BBAW festivities. Hopefully, I can catch up on a few tonight and Thursday.

I'm going to get the Rogelia's review up later tonight (after I finish my homework. Science and math are killing me!!)

Also, Kanye's behavior at the VMAS? Grrr. For the record I love his music (I can't think of a single song of his that I haven't liked). His personality, not so much. I don't like Taylor Swift's music, but she seems like a really sweet person. I agree with Katy Perry (I think she said it, I'm paraphrasing) "Attacking Taylor Swift is like kicking a kitten." I agree. Where is the civility in the world? First Rep. Joe Wilson interrupting the President of the United of the States, now this!

Oh my goodness I can't believe I forgot to post the winners of Gringolandia!

Here we go....
Da winnahs!!!!!!

1. book weirdo

2. barbrafl

Congrats you guys! I'll be emailing you shortly for your address. Thanks for everyone who entered and stay tuned for the next giveaway.
The most common response for dictator that you would work to defeat was Fidel Castro of Cuba. Osama Bin Laden came in second.
Sadly, there are way too many evil dictators to choose from. I would have to say that if I could work to defeat any dictator, I would choose Josef Stalin of Russia (he had over 20 million people killed) and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (treats his country terribly, inflation is high and there is so much rape and killing going on over there). Oh and unhonorable mention goes to Omar al-Bashir (hello genocide in Darfur!)

Here's Lyn's (the author of Gringolandia) choice
It is a tough decision to come up with one dictator, because they're all evil in their own way. I ended up going with Pol Pot not only because of the scale of his massacre in terms of Cambodia's population, but also because of his use of child soldiers and his destruction of the Buddhist holy sites. Others that made the short list for me: the Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin, Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier in Haiti, Anastasio Somoza (father and son) in Nicaragua, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in North Korea, Idi Amin in Uganda, and reaching further into the past, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, responsible for the Spanish Inquisition.

I agree with all of them, except King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. It was interesting seeing everyone's various responses.

Finally, I've decided (based on an unanimous vote in my poll) to have a Middle Grade Book of the Month feature. I would like to have one up for this month, but I want it to have a Latino/a main character. Any suggestions? I'm excited about this new feature because many of these I will be reading for the first time since I started reading YA so young.


  1. So you have a birthday coming up? Happy early birthday! Ehhh, Kanye. *shakes heads and mumbles about how the president called him a jack***, but then realized he might have went to far.* I don't really like Kanye, but I do like Taylor. But anyhoo, (sorry got distracted with ^^) CONGRATS on 102 followers! I agree 102 sounds cooler than 100, haha.


  2. Ari,

    Kayne has a history of showing his butt. Buying his music is almost as bad as buying the music of a man who pees on children in videos. We need to send a strong, uniequivalble message to Mr. West and his ilk: your behavior is reprehensible. Are you aware that Kayne said:

    "If it wasn’t for race mixing there’d be no video girls. Me and most of our friends like mutts a lot. Yeah, in the hood they call ‘em mutts”.

    He has no respect for women especially women who look like you.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Congrats on your guest post. BBAW can wait. Homework.

    Your other, not-asked-for mom

  3. I really enjoyed your post on the BBAW blog. Congrats on your 102 followers! =)

  4. Ari, Congrats on getting over 100 followers

    I hope that stunt backfires on Kanye. Even his apology was a joke.

    That race mixing comment was one of the first stupid things I remember Kanye saying. I was done right there.

  5. Your BBAW post was great! I'm really enjoying getting to meet so many book bloggers this week.

  6. Congratulations to the contest winners and to your new followers! And I'd like to suggest Marge Pellegrino's Journey of Dreams for the middle grade Book of the Month featuring Latino/a characters. The protagonist is a Quiche Maya girl from the Guatemalan highlands who flees with her family through Mexico and to the U.S. during that country's civil war in the 1980s. I have a copy of the book if you need it.

    By the way, the host of the radio program where I'm the assistant named Ferdinand and Isabella not only for the Inquisition but also for the treatment of indigenous peoples of the Americas.

  7. You're the Tops!!! Congrats on your 102!
    I'll be tweeting this tonight.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  8. Congratulations on the 102 followers!

    I would like to suggest Heat by Mike Lupica. The main character is a young boy from Cuba who lives in the Bronx and plays baseball. It is a favorite of my 7th grade students.

  9. I vote for I Wanna be Your Shoebox by Christina Garcia. I loved this book so hard it just not right.


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