Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: What Momma Left Me + Celebrating June Jordan, Award

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. This is another you-should-be-waiting on post (again I haven't read this one yet but I plan on reading it this weekend).
What Momma Left Me
by Renee Watson

Release Date: July 6, 2010

How is it that unsavory raw ingredients come together to form a delicious cake? What is it about life that when you take all the hard stuff and rough stuff and add in a lot of love, you still just might have a wonderful life? For Serenity,
these questions rise up early when her father kills her mother, and leaves her and her brother Danny to live with their kind but strict grandparents. Despite the difficulties of a new school, a new church, and a new neighborhood, Serenity gains strength from the family around her, the new friends she finds, and her own careful optimism. Debut author Renée Watson's talent shines in this powerful and ultimately uplifting novel.

Reading in Color News

This week I am teaming up with Neesha Meminger and the Rejectionist to celebrate June Jordan (June in June, heehee). Neesha talks about the life of June Jordan and shares some wonderful quotes. The Rejectionist reviews His Own Where, Junde Jordan's young adult book. I will also be reviewing His Own Where tomorrow and I will talk about being a newcomer to the awesomeness that is June Jordan. Just to let you know, my review will not be nearly as good or thourgh as Neesha's or the Rejectionist's. So stop by their blogs to read and learn about June Jordan.

I received the Trendy Blog Award (I know I'm just as shocked as you are :D) Thank you so much Jeanette!
The Rules
1. Post the award
2. Pass it on to 10 other bloggers
Oh goodness, there are so many trendy blogs out there. I basically picked blogs that have inspired me in the past to write about certain topics. I love their honesty and how they keep me in the loop about what's going on in the YA world (both books and movies). Ok here goes

3. Ah Yuan at Gal Novelty

4. Adele at Persnickety Snark

5. Steph at Steph Su Reads

What are you waiting on this week? Any POC releases? I'm doing pretty good finding upcoming YA/MG POC releases, I've found enough to last me till October.


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  2. Take two. First comment went off the
    white into the orange. And it didn't look too hot.

    Just finished Watson's picture book debut - A Place Where Hurricanes Happen. Its really good, so now I am looking forward to reading What Momma Left Me.

    Thanks for the award Ari. I love the idea of June for June Jordan.

  3. Ari, what a busy month you're having! Thanks for letting us know about June Jordan. I'm a newcomer, too. Will see if my library has it.

    And... CONGRATULATIONS on the award. It is totally deserved! *she says, tiptoeing toward the exit with a trendy treehouse under her arm* => Am in a silly mood. Had a long day. ^-^

  4. Thanks for bringing me a whole new source of YA addiction in the form of Voracious YAppetite. So many new books to add to my list and now looking forwrad to 'Shooting Kabul' by N H Senzai.

  5. Oh, I LOVE June Jordan! I read a crap-ton of her poems earlier this year (or last year maybe...), and I just think she's the greatest thing ever. She seems like she was such an incredibly passionate, outspoken, amazing woman.

  6. Serenity's father kills her mother???!!! Whoa. Sounds like an interesting novel.

    Thank you for the award. :o)

  7. @Doret-It was really cool to learn about June Jordan since I wasn't familar with much of her work. I need to go read your interview with Renne Watson and Shadra Strickland.

    You totally deserve the award :)

    @Nathalie-Silly is good :D I think you would really really like His Own Where.

    @Jodie-I know her blog is awesome! And she is so on top of what's going o in the YA world.

    @Jenny-I fully intend on reading all her work, she is so amazing.

    @Tarie-I know! What an interesting premise :0 You totally deserve the award!


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