Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Crayons

New Crayons is when I share what books I got for the week. And I got some good ones! Credit goes to Susan at Color Online for this meme.

Some of these books I've posted info about already (in my Waiting on Wednesday posts) so I won't post summaries for all of them.

1. The Absolutely True Diary of Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
$7.95 at Target! I almost died I was so excited. No more waiting behind 18 other people at my library for this book! And it was a little cheaper than Borders so double win!

2. The Fold by An Na
Joyce never used to care that much about how she looked, but that was before she met JFK-John Ford Kang, the most gorgeous guy in school. And it doesn't help that she's being constantly compared to her beautiful older sister, Helen. Then her rich plastic-surgery-addict aunt offers Joyce a gift to "fix" a part of herself that she never realized needed fixing-her eyes. Joyce has heard of the fold surgery-a common procedure meant to make Asian women's eyes "prettier" and more "American" but she's not sure she wants to go through with it. Her friend Gina can't believe she isn't thrilled. After all the plastic surgeon has shown Joyce that her new eyes will make her look just like Helen-but is that a good thing?

3. Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith

My copy and paste isn't working and I don't have time to type out the whole summary but this book sounds really good!
I found out that the main character isn't a poc as I thought, but I've decided that's ok, I'm going to review it anyway since the author is a poc, I really want to read it, and I may occasionally do an off-color review. Go to the author's website for a synopsis and a pretty awesome book trailer!

4. 10 Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher
Another off-color book. But it sounds amazing and I love the '40s so I'm super excited!

5. Riding the Universe by Gaby Triana
I love the title and the synopsis (has to do with motorcycles!)


  1. I really want to read 10 Cents A Dance! I think I read a review of it once, and it was very positive! I'm looking forward to seeing what you think :)

  2. Okay, I'm jealous over the Alexie book! You must let me borrow Cynthia's book.

    A good week. Happy reading.

  3. I just finished Tantalize. It was quite pleasant until, oh, halfway through, and then it took over my life. (Fortunately, I can read fast.)

    Main character isn't POC, but (if I didn't misread it) her boyfriend is, and so is her uncle's girlfriend and several other characters.

  4. thanks sanguinity for the heads up. I'm looking forward to reading Tantalize.
    Color Online- it's from the library, sorry!
    cecilia-I'm so eager to read 10 cents a dance! My sis is currently reading it, but after that I'm reading it. *does a happy dance*

  5. I really enjoyed Ten Cents a Dance (after you finish it, read my interview with the author from last summer). And, though the main character is white, a substantial part of the story revolves around her interaction with Filipinos and some important black characters, and part of her character arc is overcoming some of the racist assumptions she was raised with. I think it's a very fitting read for your blog.

  6. The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian and The Fold are excellent books. I want to read Tantalize and Ten Cents a Dance! :o)

  7. I've had Ten Cents a Dance in my pile for awhile. I need to get to it!

  8. I've heard nothing but good things about Sherman Alexie, and I've been wanting to read The Fold ever since I Tarie reviewed it. Enjoy your new books, Ari!

  9. The Fold sounds like a great book to me. I'd never heard of it but I remember hearing about the procedure while I was living in Singapore and I could never ever figure out how it would work or why anyone would want to do that!

  10. The Fold sounds like a great read. Tantalize... hmmm. It made me feel nauseous. I loved it!

  11. The fold is really interesting to me, so I hope i hear more about it. Riding the universe looks like a fun read.


  12. Your so lucky. I really want to read Tantalize!


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